Louisa: X-Pole & Yoga/Pilates Instructor

Louisa was inspired by Carol Shannon after seeing her perform at a party.  Louisa enrolled in classes at the local community college where Carol was teaching - met Miabella - joined Carol's dance troupe, where she performed for many years doing private and local events, such as The Texas Renaissance Festival, Boat Shows, Grand Openings, and various other promotional events.

Louisa teamed up with Miabella, and as Sa'ida Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, and performed for many years at Scarborough Faire, they even had a stage named after them.  Louisa has performed at King Richards Faire in Wisconsin, The Colorado Renaissance Faire, and various local and distance events.  She even had the pleasure of performing at the State Fair of Texas in the collisium show.  Thanks to Amaya, she performed to thousands at a cultural event in Alburquerque, New Mexico.

Who influenced her?  Who taught her?  Who inspired her?  She was taught, taunted, inspired and befriended by the best in bellyland.  And even today, she is still learning.  Her zills, her zar, her hips, her dance are the product of many teachers & her surroundings.

Divorce + economics forced Louisa into teaching along with some coaxing from her BFF.  She dusted her butt off, had one last cry, bailed out on "Corporate America",  and put all her energy and time to a good use.  She started out as a beautiful belly dancer & still is, but she found her calling - teaching women the empowerment of their sexuality and teaching them confidence, as no one else can. 

Louisa is one of the hottest things going right now with her bachelorette or birthday pole & exotic parties!  Learn To Exotic/Pole Dance Party

And if you want to loose some extra pounds or strengthen your core, she's the one to do it in her yoga/pilates class.

Her favorite saying:

"Good girls keep journals - bad girls don't have time"

Oh...and she belly dances too :)