The Real Beginning 

The Big Bang Theory vs. Creationism: Conflict or Not? 

Documentary: The Real Beginning Part I

Documentary: The Real Beginning Part 2

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"The Big Bang has made Idealists out of almost anybody who thinks.  First there was absolutely nothing, then Bang! Something. This is beyond weird.  Out of sheerest Emptiness, manifestation arises."             

                    -Ken Wilber, author of  A Brief History of Everything


The concept of the birth of the universe has captured many an imagination throughout history.  How did it all begin?  The question remains the same since the beginning of time.  This documentary team explores the Big Bang Theory, how it relates to the theological explanation of the creation of the universe, and what this comparison implies.  Experts and laypeople alike were consulted on the topic, which broadened the scope of the film.  There is also a cultural element incorporated into the documentary, as it was filmed in both Paris, France and East Lansing, Michigan.