8.6 - Dracano

Before you can hunt here, you need to make a new Havarti cheese. Just like the other Havarti cheeses you have to craft a Pepper Plant first:

1 x Red Pepper
1 x Blue Pepper
1 x Yellow Pepper
1 x Plant Pot

Again you need to craft at least 2 plants, then pick the peppers. You then need to craft:

6 x Inferno Peppers
6 x Fire Salt
16 x Coconut Milk
18 x Curds and Whey

This recipe gives you 6 pieces of Inferno Havarti Cheese.

You will need to hunt with your Ice Maiden and Tribal Base.

While hunting here you need to collect 3 Dragon Embers, and catch a Dragon Mouse:

When you catch a Dragon Mouse it will give you a Dragon Chest.

When you get a Dragon Chest, open it then travel to Cape Clawed and buy an Antique Lantern.

When you have your Antique Lantern craft these items:

1 x Antique Lantern
3 x Dragon Ember

This will give you a Balack's Lantern. You should now travel to Balack's Cove. ------> Balack's Cove.

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