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5.3 - Meditation Room

Here you need to use your Venus Mouse Trap and Dehydration Base.

If you haven't already got the Ambush Trap Blueprints, you need to use Brie here to catch the Hapless mouse, which drops it:

When you have the Ambush Trap Blueprints, you can use your 3 new cheeses to catch the Master Mice:

Glutter - Master Of The Cheese Belt
Combat - Master Of The Cheese Fang
Sushees - Master Of The Cheese Claw

These 3 mice each drop a different shard, which are used to craft the Ambush Trap, and Rumble Cheese.

When you have 1 of each shard, you can craft them together to make a Master's Seal.

You can now use this to craft the Ambush Trap:

1 x Ambush Trap Blueprints
3 x Rice
5 x Splintered Wood
8 x Droid Parts

You should now hunt with your Ambush trap to collect more Shards.

When you have a few shards you can craft some Rumble Cheese:

1 x Ionized Salt
1 x Master Of The Belt Shard
1 x Master Of The Fang Shard
1 x Master Of The Claw Shard
20 x Curds and Whey

This recipe gives you 3 Rumble cheese.

You should now travel to the Pinnacle Chamber to use your new cheese. -----> Pinnacle Chamber.

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