Welcome to Huckins Farm


Huckins Farm produces clean, wholesome fresh milk and cream, raw yogurt, fresh and aged cheeses, as well as creamy yogurt salad dressings for those who desire nutritious real milk  and its value-added products to achieve optimal health.  Our 200+ year old family owned and operated micro-dairy delivers to local businesses and food cooperatives and sells directly to customers at farmers’ markets and at the farm itself.  Our small herd of Jersey and Guernsey cows receive humane treatment and enjoy pasture-based rotational grazing and a non GMO custom feed.  Our value added products are made in small batches right at the farm, where customers can meet the cows, view the process and are welcomed as friends and neighbors.

Located on more than 132 acres of lush, rolling countryside, it has been a working farm since 1784, and has been owned and operated by the Huckins family since 1906. Matty Huckins manages the farm with the help of family and friends.

What sets Huckins Grade A Dairy Farm apart from other dairy farms?  The farm vigorously abides by state sanitation levels, provides the state with monthly samples of their milk and value-added products and undergoes periodic inspections of both the farm and the kitchen. The 16 registered Guernsey cows at Huckins Farm provide milk that is high in protein and butterfat, rich in flavor and is one of the single best sources of A2 milk, which is  highly palatable and easily digested, and an excellent source of vitamins A, D, E, and K.  The golden colored Guernsey milk comes from its high beta carotene, known to reduce the risk of cancer.  Overall, the fresh raw milk and cream, raw yogurt, and yogurt dressings  contain higher levels of valuable probiotics and enzymes, which are lost when milk is pasteurized. Our cows enjoy the benefits of comfortable, clean living quarters in a large free stall barn and plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise in the barnyard in winter. We know them all by name and treat each one as individuals with specific needs and temperaments.

Our cows, Jerseys and Guernseys, are grass-fed six months of the year and live in a spacious stall-free barn. They are fed hay and NON-GMO(Genetically Modified Organism) grain also.  

The milk house and kitchen parlor are attached, and located near the entrance door is a refrigerator containing the products for sale. It’s on a self-serve honor system, with a basket to collect the money and make change. We urge new customers to call for a visit first so that one of us at the farm can walk new customers through what we and the state require. There is a customer directory and sales log there in the "store." Along with the milk, Huckins Farm produces yogurt for sale in quarts and pints in plain and maple flavored. See the list of other products below. 

There are freshly made cheeses as well, including a flavor of the month (roasted garlic, mixed herb and dill, to name a few) or the base cheese for the flavors, called “Simplicity,” all are spreadable. An aged cheese (60 days), Giuntini, is a best-seller. The butterfat content from Jersey and Guernsey cows is usually higher which equals more flavorful milk products. Cheese-maker Cassi O’Hern has been working to make flavored mozzarella cheese, and there will be a greater variety of cheeses as she perfects her skills.

Once you have tasted “real milk,” as well as yogurt and cheese made from it, you will want more. With no additives and no preservatives, real milk products contain a wealth of healthy properties and taste so delicious.

Some of the products we sell are:
  • Raw Milk (Plain or Maple)
  • Raw Yogurt (Plain or Maple)
  • Raw Heavy Cream
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Simplicity Cheese (Soft, spreadable cheese with a sweet, tangy flavor)
  • Giuntini Cheese (Raw, cows-milk cheese aged for at least 2 months. Mild, nutty flavor, perfect for snacking)
  • Fresh Eggs

Scott Patten,
Mar 3, 2017, 10:35 AM