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Teacher course assignments are based on what they taught during the last school year. This page will be updated once the new classes are scheduled.

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Staff NameEmailWebsiteDepartment/PositionCourseSport/Club/Activity
Staff NameEmailWebsiteDepartment/PositionCourseSport/Club/Activity
Albahae, M. AP Human Geogaphy website Social Studies AP Human Geogaphy, AP World History, Human Geography Honors, World History  
Albahae, M. Geography Honors website Social Studies Geography Honors  
Albahae, M. AP World History website Social Studies AP World History  
Allen, C.  Social Studies World History  
Arango, T.  World Languages Spanish 1, Spanish for Spanish Speakers  
Arciola, W. Teacher website Social Studies American Government, Law Studies  
Barmoha, J. Teacher website Math Algebra  
Barnes, S.  Science Physics  
Bean, J. Teacher website Fitness & Wellness Team Sports, Basketball, HOPE Boys Basketball Head Coach 
Bell, T.  Math Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors First Priority Club 
Bernstein-Hintz, M. Teacher website English English 2  
Bernstein, J. Teacher website Social Studies AP World History, AP European History, World Religions  
Bond-Jackson, R. Teacher website Science Biology, Anatomy Physiology  
Brodie, K.  English / Reading English / Reading  
Butler, P  Fitness & Wellness Aerobics, Team Sports, Volleyball  
Caceres, M.  Asst. Principal, 11th Grade   
Cagle, C.  Science Earth Space Science  
Canell, M.  English/Reading   
Carelock, T. Teacher website Science Biology 1  
Cashman, A. Teacher website Math Geometry Golf Coach 
Collins, K.  English English JV Girls Basketball Coach 
Collins, M. Teacher website Social Studies World History  
Conway, M.  Social Studies World History  
Counts.A. Arrick.Counts     
Coyle, J. Teacher website Social Studies American History  
Coyle, J. Sociology Site Social Studies Sociology  
Daniel-Kalio, O.  Math Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2 Honors  
Davis, C.  Social Studies World History, Florida History, African American History  
Delmonte, P. Teacher website Math AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Statistics, Statistics Honors Math Dept. Chair, Mu Alpha Theta 
Demby, D. Teacher website Math Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Geometry Honors FMLC Math Competition 
Desouza, K.     
Dodaro, W  Career Technology Research Varsity Football Head Coach 
Edwards, S  Social Studies Economics  
Essiene, R.   Social Studies Economics  
Fila, A.  ESE ESE Best Buddies 
Freeman, T.  English English 2 English Dept. Chair, Head Track Coach 
Fuller, L. Teacher website Career Technology Game Programming, Digital Media, & AP CSP Career Tech Dept. Chair, Asst. Athletic Dir., Girls Who Code Club 
Gendason, K.  ESE ESE Wrestling, Head Coach 
Glover, G.  ESE ESE  
Griffin, P. Teacher website Fitness & Wellness HOPE, First Aid & Safety Fitness/Wellness Dept. Chair 
Halladay, P. Teacher website Fine Arts Chorus 1-4, AP Music Theory, Music Keyboarding Fine Arts Dept. Chair, Choral Director 
Hall, J. Career Technology JROTC  
Hawkins, S.  English English  
Haynes, D. Teacher website Fine Arts Band, Guitar  Band Director, Tri-M Music Honor Society 
Hollingsworth, D.  Social Studies  Baseball, Head Coach 
Hoover, B.  Social Studies AP Psychology, Dual Enrollment Psychology  
Hunter, R. Teacher website Reading Reading  Reading Dept. Chair 
Idell, A. Teacher website Fine Arts Art 1, Drawing/Painting, AP Art National Art Honor Society 
Ivey, H.  English English 3, English 3 Honors  
Jacobs-Reed, K.  World Language French  
Jefferson, D. Teacher website Social Studies US History, Economics  
Jones. E. Teacher website English English 3, English 3 Honors  
Kaklias, S.  World Languages Spanish 2  
Kaufman, M. Teacher website Math / Reading College Readiness Math, Intensive Reading  
Kazanjian, G. Teacher website Math Geometry  
Kennedy, G. Teacher website Career Technology Marketing  
Kerr-Knowles, K.  Science Earth Space Science/ Biology  
Klemke, J. SGA website Career Technology Research, Student Government (SGA) Athletic Director, SGA 
Kornbluth, S.     
Kunz, G.  Science Marine Science  
Leichtman, K.  English English  
Lesko, C.     
Leslie.K.  English   
Lopatin, R.  Asst. Principal, 10th Grade   
Lorenc, S. Teacher website Fitness & Wellness Weight Training, Team Sports Boys Soccer Coach 
Lowitt, J.  Reading Reading  
Machado, C.  English English, Debate, Media Debate Team 
Marciano, J. Teacher website Math College Readiness Math, Algebra 2, Liberal Arts Math 2  
Matarasso, G.  Career Technology Hospitality & Tourism  
McDade, D.  Science Earth Space Science Environmental Club 
McNally, G.  Reading Coordinator Reading  
Medisch, G.  Career Technology Principles of Engineering, Intro to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing  
Miller, V.  Fine Arts AP Art History, Art 1, 2, Sculpture  
Mohammed, F. Teacher website Science Chemistry Science Dept. Chair 
Nalven, C. Teacher website Career Technology Early Childhood 1 - 4, Peer Counseling  
Nardelli III, A. Teacher website Science AP Environmental Science, Marine Science  
Neer, J. James.  Principal   
Novik, A.  ESE ESE  
Osher, L. Teacher website English English 1, English 1 Honors Excalibur  
Park, T.  Career Technology Intro to IT  
Pillsbury, A. Teacher website World Languages Spanish 1 World Language Dept. Chair 
Popovics, T.  Social Studies American History Honors  
Poteat, A.  English English  
Pugliese, S. Teacher website Reading Reading  
Pullo, T. Teacher website Math Algebra 1 Honors, Statistics National Honor Society Co-Chair / Dance Team Sponsor / Sophomore Class Sponsor 
Robertson, S.  English English  
Rothman, S.  English/World Languages English, Portuguese Tennis Coach 
Rowe, S.  Reading Reading  
Rumpfeldt, A. Teacher website Social Studies AP American Government, AP Macroeconomics Social Science Dept. Chair 
Sauers, G.  Social Studies AP American History, American History  JV Girls Basketball Coach 
Sellitti, S.  English English 4  
Sesti, T. Teacher Website Science Biology  
Shackleton, N.  Social Studies   
Shartrand, E. Teacher website English AP English Literature, English 4 Honors  
Sheehan, C.  English AP English Language, English 3 Honors  
Sicard, D.  Reading   
Singh, M.  Science Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry  
Solinsky, J. Teacher Website Science AP Biology, Biology Honors National Honor Society Co-Chair 
Sweeting-Miller, M.  Asst. Principal, 12th Grade   
Thompson, K.  Asst. Principal, 9th Grade   
Tiernan, P.  English Newspaper, English 2 Honors  
Townsend, C.  Math   
Weber, T.  Guidance Director   
Williford, K. Teacher website English English, Drama Drama Club 
Yates, K.  World Language Spanish  
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