What is Mandeville Project Graduation?


Mandeville Project Graduation (MPG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of parents and volunteers of Mandeville High School.  The parents and volunteers plan and produce the graduation celebration each year.  The parent volunteers of Mandeville High School are continuing the tradition of providing an all-night celebration with NO DRINKING, NO DRUGS, and NO DRIVING!  This event, Mandeville Project Graduation (MPG), is a gift from the Mandeville community and the volunteers to our seniors on the night of graduation to celebrate this major milestone in their young lives.

Email us at mhspg1@gmail.com

Why Do We Need You?

This is a huge party ... with food, games and prizes.  To be successful, the help of every MHS parent is needed – not just the parents of seniors.  In fact, it is difficult for parents of seniors to hold major leadership positions and still enjoy their child’s graduation.  Usually, parents of underclassmen step up and assume these roles, while parents of seniors help in less time consuming ways.  This sharing of responsibility assures that every graduating class will have “the best party ever”.

That is why we need you now...not just when your child is a senior.  You will help put on a great party...make some new friends...and, most importantly, keep our kids safe on that very special night!

So, start big or start small ..

Sign up today to volunteer at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0a4cafab29a0f49-mandeville1

but let’s get this party started!