The Midland High School Marching Band!


About the Midland Chemic Band

   The MHS band is directed by Bill Monroe and Kathy Peretz, with instrumental specialists Roger Stevens and Judy Peterson. The band fields 204 members this year.

   The show this year is based on Broadway musicals! We begin our show with a new Broadway show, Tommy (Pinball Wizard) based on a song by The Who. We continue on with selections from the Phantom of the Opera and we end our show with three amazing pieces from the West Side Story - Tonight Interludes, then America (our percussion feature), a jazzy step routine, and finally Tonight!

   The Midland High Marching Band will amaze you with our powerful sound, beautiful melodies, high step-style marching, and our excellent showmanship.

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Recent News
    4/16/10 - I have completely updated the site. Just have to upload video and audio now...
    4/11/10 - Been a long time, folks! I lost interest for a while but am now considering getting back into this! This summer, I plan on uploading a bunch of stuff after I edit it, but it depends on a multitude of things. So stay tuned (in the next couple months). I will try to bring this website back to order....some things, I will leave out. For example, the music player became stupid, so I'll leave that out and maybe some other stuff. Drumline is on facebook and has been for a couple years. If you are in the drumline or are going to be this coming season, look for it. It has the most members so you'll know which one it is.