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Alyssa Syarbaini's Dairy Project (2008-2009)

posted May 16, 2009, 6:08 PM by Manhattan Hunter Science High School Newsletter   [ updated May 20, 2009, 7:49 AM ]
                                                                                                                                                                March 4th, 4008
    Dear Journal,
        To whom I am writing in this journal and if someone finds it, right now there is a war between the natural and the selected. The world has gone corrupt and many lives are at stake. Right now, our natural soldiers in the war are slowly dying because of the disease and the horror! Many of the soldiers are shell-shocked. My family and I are currently in South America and. The European and Middle Eastern nations, along with Russia are together since they support the selected. They have Africa and India in their control, decreasing the natural population since they were both a neutral type government. They are attacking Australia and are so close to coming to Asia.. The Americas, Japan, China, and Korea are the natural government and I am so glad that USA picked natural. We are all struggling to keep the Selected Powers off our land and are trying day by day to win this war. The Selected Powers are twice invincible than the Natural! Though our technology is th same, they can withstand the diseases and are able to not eat food with more than one week. I hope our natural army is surviving to keep up.

        Just a few weeks ago, every nation was calm and peaceful. As soon as one Yugoslavian citizen, who hated all Naturals, deciding it was alright to attack the president of the United States, Adam Theodore. I have read from millenniums back that this indeed is called a world war. Scary how history repeats itself, but this time it’s with the cause of new technology and science. The poverty and death, everywhere I turned in Central America, there were heads cut off, and houses burned. Blood in our waters and stealing our food, such cruelty makes me wish that time can stop. Mami is scared to death and she is only 10 years old. I am struggling to keep my family alive and my mother was caught prisoner by Germany’s army. Terrified at what happened to her, it has been 15 days since she has gone. I told my little sister she has passed and my father has gone missing, to search for my brother and husband.

        My parents were from Italy and Japan. My father, Angelo, was banished, along with a third of the population, because they chose to go the natural process of life. He decided to come to America, and bumped into my mother, Aya. I have always loved them and I hope for the best. As I am writing in my last page of this ripped, torn up journal, I hide it here. In this one cave, where I hope someone can find and read this if the war continues on. G’bye, farewell.