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Eugenics versus God’s Domain

posted May 24, 2009, 9:16 PM by Manhattan Hunter Science High School Newsletter   [ updated May 29, 2009, 2:15 PM ]
By: Lisa Chen (2008-2009)

Eugenics versus God’s Domain

One might wonder if there is a possibility of hope
            A hope for a new life-style
That will leads to the wonders of the complexity of human genomes
It is difficult, some may say,
Of how vulnerable one embryo,
Which has the potential to become a life,
Takes part in a dispute people in society.

Every decision has its risks.
Is eugenics morally wrong?
It is a choice made by each individual.
According to Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania,
says, “I’m not sure there is anything wrong with using genetics…as long as it is not hurting anyone”
It is a choice.
Risking life for desirable traits
It is a choice.
Risking life that may lead to malformations and abnormal traits
It is a choice.
Risking life that the government now doesn’t support
It is a choice.
Although declined in the 1930s, other countries still supports: Sweden, Japan

The society in which the divergent role is between the scientific and the religious.
Everyone is part of the public opinion, no matter the rich or poor
But the desire to select the most desirable trait, the eugenics.
This is known to be controversial about the alternation if the genetic sequence
The sequence of the genes can be manipulated in this society
However, would lead to consequences.
The obstacles of facing dispute between the process of “organic” way of life
            Or the “inorganic”
When couples or individuals chose to select the desirable trait,
They are known to be “evil” and the alternation of God’s domain.
The belief that Vatican discussed are significant to maintain the Church’s authority.
The change of genetic sequence can be disputable as Vatican say we are messing with mother nature.
However, some say that they didn’t, instead was a way of life to survive.
To survive and overcome the obstacles of infertility.
This way, reproduction will still maintain its balance in society, while
            Either infertility women or gay couples are known to be content, where
            People can know how the process of motherhood act as a purpose role in society
The desirable traits to achieve perfection was an idealistic dream.
Yet it still caught the attention to receive the expensive treatments.
It was all about meeting a goal with eugenics.