CC Library Digital Books

Use this page to learn how to access our library's digital books.

Download ebooks, mainly fiction, to your own device- anytime and anywhere.

Select MagiLibrary to take you to the ebook catalog.

Go to Getting Started and/or ebook help for instructions on how to download ebooks to your device or come to the library and ask for help.  We will be happy to guide you through the process of getting set up for downloading ebooks.                                                                           

Mackin Via
Read books, mainly nonfiction, on your computer or download them to your device.

To access the required login for Mackin Via, you will need your MPS Google login to see the passwords.  
Select library logins to access the passwords.
Select Mackin Via to view available books.

                                            Tutorial on how to take notes in Mackin Via ebooks and export them to Google Drive

Mackin Via to Google Drive

The library can lend out five Nooks that have 26 titles on each.  If a Nook has a book you want to read, ask at the front desk for a Nook.

                                                            Type in Nook books in the online catalog to view available titles.