The library's mission is to promote reading for enjoyment, to support the curriculum, 
and to develop information literacy.

Central Campus Library Tour

MagiLibrary is open all summer.  
You can download free ebooks to you personal device anytime and anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Below is a small sample of available ebooks.



Select MagiLibrary Digital Library to take you directly to MagiLibrary.
Select Getting Started to learn how to use our digital library through Overdrive.
Select eBook Help to take you to the Overdrive help page for directions on how to borrow an ebook.

This web site has the following pages.
  • CC Facilities and Services
    • library hours
    • holdings
    • staff
    • services for students and teachers.
    • contact information

  • CC Library Books                
    • browse the library catalog
    • browse new books
    • browse genres to use for searching  
    • write your own book review to post in the library catalog
    • send suggestions for book purchases.

  • CC Library Digital Books
    • access MagiLibrary to download books to your own device
    • access link to help set up Overdrive to download books
    • access MackinVia nonfiction books to read on a computer
    • learn about checking out Nooks
    • access library passwords link

  • CC Library Research       
    • access research links and resources
      • databases
      • database tutorials on why use the databases and on eLibrary
      • handouts on evaluating websites
      • school MLA handbook
      • additional research links