Publications and Presentations

Here is the slowly growing list of publications and presentations I have made:

August 29, 2012:
-A power point presentation done as a breakout group at Camosun College, School of Access Welcome Back assembly for Staff and Faculty

The presentation was well received and the discussion afterwards
was worthwhile as well.

This was the first time I publicly presented on any of my Masters work, 
so I was very nervous about how it would be received, and how I would handle myself!

I am very appreciative of the group who came to see it, 
and especially for the insightful observations and questions.

Having done this once, I am now in a position
to let the presentation grow and evolve as my writing and research continue forward.

June 4, 2013:
-A poster presentation done for Congress 2013, hosted by the University of Victoria. This presentation was done as part of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE) Conference.

This was my first poster presentation. I was skeptical of the value of this sort of thing going in.
It seemed like "show and tell" meets "high school science fair" for academics.
And, honestly, that's what it was.

What I didn't expect is how much fun it was, and how much value I got from it.
Seeing other people's work and hearing them talk about it helped me present and talk about my own work.
I had a really good time, and I didn't expect to.

I'd do it again!

July, 2013
This took longer to write than I expected, but I am moderately pleased with the results.  A number of interesting things came out of it, including the identification of a number of gaps in the literature.
Please feel free to read, and even distribute.
This should go without saying, but please attribute me whenever referencing any of my ideas or quoting.  (Remember kids: someday it may be your ideas other people are using.)

August 28, 2013
-A power point presentation done for Camosun College, School of Access Welcome Back assembly for Staff and Faculty

This was a follow up on the presentation from 2012; it turns out this is the 2nd of 3 parts! Organic discovery is fun.

This presentation was a summary of what I have accomplished so far with my Masters of Adult Education work.
There is a summary of the previous PowerPoint, and an explanation of my Literature review and my research proposal.

Having presented at the beginning of my process, and now in the middle, I have myself the goal of presenting the third part, the final
project, at next year's welcome back assembly.

Thank you all for your questions and comments!

April, 2014
My Final Project!!! This is the final research paper I submitted for the completion of my Masters of Adult Education.
It is a self-study, a form of study I would never have believed I would have engaged in. Comments are welcome!

For those of you who watch the Reader's Digest version, here is a PowerPoint summary of my project

This is a reflection paper that was required for my Masters.  It starts with a poem in place of an introduction, then reflects on the unexpected journey that has been my Masters of Adult Education degree.

This is a post-modern version of the poem that begins the reflection paper.

May, 2014
A presentation done for the 2014 ABEABC conference at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.