Welcome to my online portfolio!

This site was put together, in part, to satisfy the requirements for my Masters of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University.

In part this site is also to make available, both to myself and others, a record of my work as a teacher and my thinking about teaching and education.

In putting this site together, I became aware that I have not spent enough time revisiting the thoughts of my past self. As a consequence, I do not spend enough time reflecting on how well I am living up to being the teacher  I want to be.

It is my hope that, over time, this site will contribute to my ongoing reflections.  I also hope to be able to use it to trace my own evolution.  We shall see.

All the pictures you find on this site are by me, except for four.  See if you can find them!
  1. Me wearing a tie at the student awards ceremony at Camosun College, 2010.
  2. Me driving around Cape Breton, summer 2011
  3. The image of the 4d-USB cable.
  4. Me with three of my (award winning!) students at the student awards ceremony, Camosun College, 2011
Please take your time to poke around.  And please don't forget to leave a comment for me!

Go gently,

Morgan Sargent, March 2012