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The Alumni Association of Morristown High School, founded in 1885, serves to promote the interests of Morristown High School and it's students while also providing events for our alumni. 

With over 125 years of dedicated service, we have a global membership of dedicated alumni who are truly committed to supporting Morristown High School.   

In addition to publishing our semi-annual alumni newsletter packed with alumni news, photos, and event information, we support Morristown High School with alumni donations and scholarships, and sponsor several events throughout the year for our alumni. 

We sponsor the MHS Heritage Club which hosts the annual MHS Alumni Wall of Fame and Teachers Corner inductions and with the MHS Athletic Gallery of Honor committee that sponsors the Athletic Gallery of Honor inductions every two years. 

Membership in the Alumni Association is just $10/year or $120/lifetime and all members receive our semi-annual alumni newsletter.  Membership fees support our activities, scholarships and other projects and allow us to operate in support of our alumni and alma mater. 

We are a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and we welcome alumni donations which can be made to our general fund or targeted to specific projects or initiatives. 

Please join our Alumni Association today, become involved or just support us with your membership fee or donation.  Remain connected with old friends and support Morristown High School ... Join us today!

MHS Alumni In the News

Stay tuned for updated news on MHS and our alumni or visit our Twitter of Facebook pages for more up to date news and information.

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Coming Events

Colonials Alumni Mentoring Program Night

December 2, 2014, 7-9:30 PM

This exceptional gathering of impressive alumni is open to all MHS students and their parents.  

Here's your chance to connect with some of MHS's best and brightest alumni from all over the country. For one night only, they'll come home to join you in small group forums to explore career opportunities, share insights, and kickstart ideas. Sponsored by the Alumni Association and the Morris Educational Foundation.


                         Watch for more events coming soon!

Morristown High School
Alma Mater

When time and fortune cast their spell
and youth's bright years are o'er,
our memories the shall fondly dwell
on scenes that are no more.
For busy, carefree high school days
and comrades tried and true,
for these we lift our song of praise
dear Morristown, to you.

- Music by Charles E. Meys
- Words by Marcus S. Smith

Alumni Donations Benefiting MHS and Its Students
WJSV and MHS Broadcasting students celebrate a generous donation from Craig Newmark '71 and the Craigslist Foundation, another example of alumni generosity in action.