Social Justice Ministry

At our initial meeting there was a good discussion about the focus and goals of the Ministry.  We recognized that, while we each had certain activities that appealed to us, there were many others that were as deserving of our time and talents. Rather than focusing on a few activities, we wanted to draw attention to the many ways in which we as a parish can translate our baptismal promises into real help to those in need. 

We decided to focus on providing fellow parishioners with opportunities to
learn about different social issues, the connection with Catholic social teaching (Tradition) and Scripture, and ways we can act to address those issues. Each month we may spotlight a different social issue along with a manageable task for that issue, coordinated by someone who is passionate about that issue. 

We think this approach will provide the group with flexibility to engage in issues in which they are 
Interested as well as provide a variety of meaningful opportunities for parishioners. At the same time, it will provide parishioners an opportunity to introduce to the entire parish, activities that are important to them.