Stuffed Animal Day

October 24, 2008


We really enjoyed bringing stuffed animals to school!  We got together with our buddies and did a sorting activity with all the animals in our group.  We then read stories to our stuffed animals for reading.  Last we wrote about our stuffed animal for a class book.  We showed our stuffed animal what fun school was today!


The first thing we did today was read a book called How Teddy Bears Are Made, by Ann Morris.  We compared how bears are made in this Vermont Teddy Bear Factory with what we see when we go to Build-A-Bear at Downtown Disney. 

Stuffed Animal Sorting

 Here we sorted by those that were dogs and those that were not.  There were 6 dog stuffed animals and 13 that were not dog stuffed animals.


 More stuffed animal sorting...

We found lots of ways to sort our stuffed animals!

Stuffed Animal Writing

This is Thing 1.  He's In The Cat And The Hat.  He's the Cat's minion.  There's another minion called Thing 2.  They're both real jumpy.  Colby


 This is my doll.  I love it.  It loves me.  Grace

This is my moose.  Lana

This is Sugar.  I think she is my first stuffed animal.  I think she is special because I've taken her to San Francisco, Preschool, and Sea World.  I love Sugar!  Maddie

Buddy Reading to our stuffed animals...


Stop by the classroom and read our class book about our stuffed animals!