Even Year Theme Plans
K-3 Social Studies/Science Thematic Plan
Even Beginning Years

           K-1 Thematic Units                        2-3 Thematic Units
Sept.     All About Me                                                  My Place In Space
             Likenesses/Differences,                                 Community, City, County, State,
             Senses, Feelings,                                          Country, Continent,    
             Me Timeline Hanger                                       Hemisphere, Planet, Oceans          
Oct.       Having A Beary Good Time                            Government Structure (Local)
             Mammal Study                                              Laws/Ordinances, Citizenship
             Boo!                                                              "The Larger Picture"
             Cat/Friendly Monster Tales                             City Council Booklets
Nov.      Animal Harvesters In Fall                                Native Americans
             Trees, Squirrels,                                            Religious Beliefs, Customs,             

         Apples, and Scarecrows                                  Folktales, Food/Clothing/Shelter
             Thanksgiving Now/Long Ago                           Economy, Interaction With Settlers
             Far Away People Meet People Already Here     Emphasis on Tongva
Dec.      Family Celebrations    `                                   Family Traditions
            Giving Thanks Now And Long Ago                    Cultural, Religious
            Special Family Celebrations                             Traditions and Contribution, Holidays
Jan.      America Now And Long Ago                            America
            Famous People: Lincoln, Washington,              Stories Behind Landmarks, Symbols,
            Martin Luther King Jr., and many more             Essential Documents, Citizenship
            Patriotism, National/State Flags                       U.S. Constitution, Declaration of
            U.S. Flag, Bald Eagle, Statue of LIberty           Independence, U.S. Capitol, Bald
            State Symbols                                                Eagle, Statue of Liberty            
Feb.      Garden Science                                             Fullerton History
            Incredible Insects: Butterflies                          Settlers, Reason for Settlement
            Amazing Ants/Vegetable Study                       Primary Sources
            100th Day Picture with school items                Timelines
Mar.      Freshwater Habitat (Ecosystem Study)            Life Cycles
            Duck Study (hatching experience)                   Offspring resemble parents, sequential        

        Plants and Animals around the pond                 stages, Inherited characteristics,         

        Tadpoles: Pacific Tree Frog                             variations among individuals
April     Transportation                                                 Space
            Land, Water, and Air Vehicles                          Seasonal Positions of the stars,         

         Machines that work                                        Moon Phases, Use of Telescopes
             Earth And Space                                           Earth's Orbit, Moon's Orbit, Sun's        

         Exploring the Earth, Planets, Space                 Changing Position
May      The Mountains (Ecosystem Study)                   Light and Color
            The Tree Line, Animals and Plants                    Light Energy, Shadows, Reflection
             Local Ranges/World Mountain Ranges             Colors of Light, How We See Colors    
June     This and That: Mudworks/Magnets                    Objects In Motion                     

        Clay experiences                                             (alsoMudworks/Magnet Experiences)
            Magnet experiences                                        Magnetism, Gravity
                                                                                 Simple Machines