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Week 3 Math Facts Letter for First through Third Grade

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Week 4 Parent Conference Sign Up Form

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Week 6

NOTE: Mistake in the newsletter, due date of book orders is actually Wednesday, 10/15/08.  Sorry!

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NOTE: Updated link for Samson info at the OC Zoo:

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 NOTE: finger feast signup here

There is a date error in the newsletter... correct date for finger feast is November 26th.  Sorry!

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Week 17

Wednesday, 1/7/09, 6:30 p.m. - costume making workshop in Rm. 6.  Please come if you are able and bring a portable sewing machine if you have one - but there will be lots of "non-sewing" jobs to be done also!  We need LOTS of hands to help make the additional costumes we need for our play so please try to be here!!  Thanks

Recorder Note: 2nd and 3rd Grade

We are starting recorder lessons with Mrs. Uys on January 7.  Please either bring your recorder and book from last year OR $5 cash to school to purchase these supplies.  Mrs. Uys does an awesome job and we're so happy she's available to teach recorders to the children!!

Week 18

NOTES:  Book orders due next Tuesday, 1/20/09.  

Dress rehearsal schedule: 10:00 Tues, 11:00 Tues., 10:00 Wed.

Night performance 6:30 Wed, kids here at 6:10 so they can get dressed.  Come to the classrooms, parents to MPR. 

Week 19

NOTE: Mrs. Michael would like to get a cake for the cast party.  Please disregard the note about cookies, and send a few dollars in instead if you have not already bought cookies and you are a K/1 parent.  Thank you.

Week 20


K-1 Note about 100th Day of School

Week 21


Valentine's Day Flyer

Week 22


Note there is an after school meeting on Tuesday regarding Budget Situation and how it might impact our program... 2:30, Rm 6

Week 23

Parents: if you have not returned the trip slip for Discovery Science Center BY FRIDAY, your child will not be going on the trip.  Please return the slip as soon as possible! 

Week 24 

Please note that Spring Parent Conference Sign Ups can be found at:

 Week 25

Note: A copy of the Arboretum Trip slip is in Flyers For Parents 

Week 26

Week 27

Sorry for the confusion last week with homework pages and week dates!  Hopefully it's all fixed now.  If not, please email Mrs. Hood and she'll solve it.

Week 28

NOTE: Wednesday Schedule all week due to parent conferences.  K is dismissed at 11:30 all week.

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