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Grade 4

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Help and Extension Activities

iPad Apps for students to use to practice their note reading, rhythm reading and other musical skills.

Quizlet flashcards:


If you finish early: note practice

If you have a tech issue:

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Using Dropbox

August 2016
Welcome back everyone! I'm excited to have all of you in my classes! Welcome to music; I'm looking forward to getting to know you! 
This year will be slightly different (if you have a sibling that has had me before). The school wants us to put everything onto Moodle, so I will update less frequently (and less specifically) here. There will still be updates though, so it is worth checking (I will link to here from Moodle). 

I also dislike homework as much as you do, so I will try to only assign things that you do not finish during class time. Be diligent in your work and in your time management!