Music Links

Blank Staff Paper:
Online Free Metronome:
An online metronome and a bit about how to use a metronome in your practice.  Go to:

Online Free Tuner:
Go to:


Music Theory: - this site helps you learn almost everything there is to know about  reading music! Need help learning to read the note names? Want to  learn more about advanced chords? Want to learn to compose with minor scales? It's all here for you!

The Instrument Encyclopedia gives the origin of  instruments, present-day information, pictures, and  information on families of instruments.

Play Music
has info about and sound clips from the  different instruments, games, a musician of the month,  movies of kids who play, a juke box where you can hear  different pieces featuring particular instruments and lots  more!

International Double Reed Society:

PBS Music Websites:
PBS has a wonderful webpage demonstrating five  instruments from Japan; you can click on their pictures individually to hear the sound, or put more than one  together to create a larger composition. Try starting with one or two  and adding others after a few measures, then deleting some, etc. See  what you come up with! 

PBS - Jazz Kids: Now and Then: a great site with  comments from today's kids in jazz and kid-friendly bios  about jazz greats.
Jazz Websites:

Jazz Central Station: a jumping off point for all  that is jazz.

Swing 7 - This is an all women swing band based just south of Boston. They play all over. Check the site for sound clips.

Pete Thomas: His site has lots of jazz stuff including improvisation tips, jazz theory, composing, and sax info.

Cool Misc.Websites:

NY Philharmonic -  
Use the instrument locker room to learn new facts about instruments, look at pictures, listen and in some cases watch videos by the musicians themselves.  The composer gallery is also full of fun information and listening examples.   

This is a composition by chance flash program where you can interchange different sound effects and make your own piece of music.  With one click, the instruments can go from actual instruments to animals and inanimate objects.  It's pretty awesome!

Didgeridoo Related Links by Ed Drury  (Large list of didgeridoo sites) 
Counting Music by David Tulga.  Type in a rhythm that is bugging you and you will see the counting (in numbers or du-de style).  Then you can press play and have the rhythm spoken for you (in a rather zombie-ish voice!).