Computer Scientist, PostDoc

Maja H Kirkeby

Research Interest

My research interest lies in program analysis, e.g., probabilistic program analyses, probabilistic resource and output analysis, constraint handling rules, confluence modulo equivalence.


phone: +45 3089 0930

email: maja.h.kirkeby @


I'm born in '82 in Denmark, and I have a Norwegian father and a Danish mother. My husband and I live together with our daughter in Rødovre.

I've been a scouts leader for boys and girls, age 10-12, weekly and weekends 2010-current and previous to that (2007-2011) I organized leader courses for the KFUM scouts organization, Denmark. I've been motorbiking (street and racing) since 2010 and I have taken up kickboxing last year (Zen-To) and am now a part of the fighting team.