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Sep. 2008 – Now: PhD candidate, Communications and Networking, EE Department, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98105, USA.
Advisor: Prof. Sumit Roy
Total GPA: 3.95/4.0

Sep. 2004 – Feb. 2007: M.Sc. in Signal Processing and Communication Systems, ECE Department, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Advisor: Dr. Alireza Nasiri Avanaki, Dr. Mohammad R. Pakravan
Total GPA: 18.73/20 (rank 1st in the faculty/over 40 students)

Sep. 2000 – Sep. 2004: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, ECE Department, IsfahanUniversity of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.
Total GPA: 17.22/20 (rank 7th in the faculty/over 120 students)


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Professional Activities:

    • Reviewer of IEEE Globecom 2012.
    • Reviewer of EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking.
    • Reviewer of Journal of Network and Computer Applications (JNCA), Elsevier.
    • Reviewer of 28th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2008), Beijing, China, June 2008.
    • Member of technical committee on communication systems of 10th Iranian Student Conference on Electrical Engineering (ISCEE), Isfahan, Iran. 
    • Reviewer of IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC07), Hong Kong, Mar. 2007.
    • Reviewer of 14th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, Iran, May 2006.

              Honors and Achievements:

                • University of Washington Top Graduate Award, 2008.
                • Ranked 2nd, College of Engineering, University of Tehran,  M.Sc. class of 2007 (over 40 students).
                • Ranked 32nd in nation-wide Electrical Engineering M.Sc. entrance exam among over 11000 participants, 2004.
                • Ranked 7th, Electrical Engineering department, B.Sc. class of 2004 (over 120 students).


                PhD research area: Applications of Network Coding and Compressed Sensing in Networking

                Supervisor: Prof. Sumit Roy, University of Washington.

                M.Sc. Thesis: Multimedia Streaming Over Peer-to-Peer networks

                Supervisor: Dr. A. R. Nasiri-Avanaki, University of Tehran.

                Co-Supervisor: Dr. M.R. Pakravan, Sharif University of Tech.


                B.Sc. Thesis: Implementation of ITU G.729 Standard (voice/audio compression standard) on TMS320C31 (TI DSP)

                Supervisor: Dr. S. Sadri, Isfahan University of Tech.


                Teaching Experience:
                “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” Aristotle.
                • Instructor, "Random Signals", University of Washington, Fall 2012. 
                • Instructor, "Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes", University of Washington, Summer 2012. 
                • Teaching Assistant, "Filters and Circuits Synthesis", Isfahan University of Technology, Iran (Fall 2003) 
                • Teaching Assistant, “Communication Systems I”, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran (spring 2003)
                • Teaching Assistant, “Signals and Systems”, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran (fall 2002)

                Work Experience:

                “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein

                • Research assistant of Prof. Sumit Roy, U. of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2008-Now
                • Internship, Teranovi Technologies Co., Seattle, WA, Sept. 2011-Jan. 2012. 
                • Research assistant of Prof. Neal Patwari, U. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2007-2008
                • Research assistant of Prof. Pakravan, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, (2005-2007)
                • Basamad-Negar Co., Tehran, Iran (fall 2005 - summer 2007)
                • IranTelecommunicationResearchCenter (fall 2005 and winter 2006)
                • Sarv-Net Co. Isfahan, Iran (spring 2004 - winter 2005)

                 I have worked on the following projects:


                • Implementation of Adhoc mode of 80211b/g in Madwifi.. Madwifi. is a Linux kernel driver for WLAN devices with Atheros chipsets. TeraNovi Technologie Co.
                • Design and Develop a framework for three-node relay communication in SORA platform. SORA is a Software De.fined Radio developed by Microsoft. Wireless Commuinications Lab, UW.
                • Implementation of Network Coding in OPNET, Source code is available online, Funlab, UW.
                • 802.11b Channel sounder in GNURadio, SPAN Lab., U of Utah.
                • 802.11b full-bandwidth receiver for GNURadio, SPAN Lab., U. of Utah. This is available online and from June 2008 it has received more than 800 downloads.
                • Location Distinction System developed as a joint program in GNUradio and MATLAB, SPAN Lab., U of Utah.
                • Implementation of Content Server and network part Of DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) in C++, Basamad-Negar, (OS:  Linux Fedora Core 12)
                • A simple web browser in .NET, Basamad-Negar.
                • Implementation of MPEG-1 on FPGA Spartan-3, Sarv-Net.
                • Design and Implementation of VoIP in C#.NET and its electrical interface, Sarv-Net.
                • Painted Network Algorithm in C, Source code and executable file is available online, Funlab, UW.

                Programming Skills

                • Proficient in: C/C++, Socket Programming, Java, Verilog, MATLAB/Simulink, Linux driver programming.
                • Familiar with: 
                • Hardware: FPGA programming, TI TMS Programming, ColdFire Microcontrollers
                • Software: OPNET, Perl, PHP, NS-2, Android SDK
                Research Interests:
                • Data communication networks
                • Network Coding
                • Cognitive Radio
                • LTE and LTE-advance
                • Multimedia streaming 
                • Compressed Sensing and Sparse Analysis (applications to signal processing)
                • Video Coding and SVC
                • Cooperative Networks and Relay Networks 
                • (Combinatorial) Optimization
                • Information Theory
                • Network Tomography (Wired and Wireless)
                • Channel Measurement and Estimation in Wireless Networks
                Selected Graduate Courses:
                • Electronic Circuit Design (spring 2004 during B.Sc Period)
                • Spatial topics in DSP (spring 2004 during B.Sc Period)
                • Coding Theory (fall 2004)
                •  Stochastic Processes (fall 2004) (Top student)
                • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (spring 2005) (Top student)
                • Data Communication Networks (spring 2005) (Top student)
                • Machine Vision (spring 2005)
                • Advanced Communication Systems (fall 2005) (Top student)
                • Special topics on communication (fall 2005) (Top student)
                • Bio-inspired Computing (fall 2005) (Top student)
                • Advance embedded systems (fall 2007) (Top student)
                • Software Radio (Spring 2008) (Top student)
                • Estimation Theory (Summer 2008) (Top student)
                • Information Theory (Fall 2009)(Top student)

                Math Courses:

                                            • Fundamental concepts in Analysis II
                                            • Measure Theory
                                            • Introduction to Modern Algebra I,II
                                            • Advance Probability I
                                            • Network Optimization
                                            • Linear Programming
                                            • Stochastic Process and Markov Chain

                                                        Developed Frameworks:    

                                                        • Channel measurment for 802.11b

                                                           Developed in FPGA of USRP for GnuRadio

                                                           Supervisor: Prof. N. Patwari, SPAN Lab., ECE Department, University of Utah 


                                                        • LocDis: Location Distinction System

                                                         Developed in GnuRadio, MATLAB

                                                         Supervisor: Prof. N. Patwari, SPAN Lab., ECE Department, University of Utah
                                                        • Content Server of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

                                                        Developed in Visual C++.Net
                                                        Basamad-Negar Co., Tehran, Iran

                                                        • Content Server of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

                                                        Developed in Linux Fedora Core 12
                                                        Basamad-Negar Co., Tehran, Iran

                                                        • QTDC: Sensor Networks simulator (power and topology)

                                                         Developed in MATLAB
                                                         Supervisor: Professor M.Kamarei, ECE Department, University of Tehran
                                                         summer 2006

                                                        • MAMPEG: MPEG-1 Coder and Decoder

                                                        Developed in MATLAB
                                                        Supervisor: Dr. B.N.Arabi ECE, Department, University of Tehran
                                                        spring 2005