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NASA photo from Antartica

22 March 2006.
  • I've just received notice from Google that my account has been opened, so I'm taking the liberty of hastily scribbling something on the page - without photos* (certainly none of me !), without links (although there are many sites to which I should like to link and to which, presumably, I shall in the future**), and without any strange languages (only (relatively) straight-forward, if old-fashioned Imperialese, at least today while I'm still feeling my way 'round***) - in order to stake my claim, so that the good people at Google don't rescind their kind offer. I haven't even gotten 'round to deciding on a sub-title**** or a footer****. But as my Chinese friends put it,千里之行始于足下。。。。

*OK, in the end I was unable to resist the temptation to post this NASA photo from Antarctica to this page, and gradually, other photos and logos to my other pages as well. The best laid plans o' mice and men, gang oft aglay....

**I did, as can be seen by visiting my other pages, to which links are provided below. 

***Marssidan, som tillkom 2006-03-24, är dock på svenska.

****Eventually, as is obvious, I did.


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18 August 2006.
  • I have decided to submit this website as a whole to technorati as a blog, even if my comments are generally published on other pages than this one. Let us see how it works out....
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