The meeting will take place on the NIH campus (map) in Building 31 (map), 6th floor, Wing C in Room 6. Please plan to arrive at the Gateway Center (map) for security screening by 7:15 AM. It usually takes 30 minutes to clear the security line in the morning. From the Gateway Center, it can take 25 minutes to get to the meeting room (15 minutes to walk to Building 31, and an additional 10 minutes to walk to Wing C, find the elevator and make it to Room 6 on the 6th floor). Building 31 is a large building with entrance in Wing A.

Breakfast and coffee will be served in the meeting room itself from 7:30 AM.

07:30-08:30: Breakfast

08:30-08:45Introductions - Example of a trans-disciplinary mHealth Project - A Personal Journey (Santosh Kumar)

08:45-09:45: mHealth Grand Challenge in Computing I - mHealth Sensing

                 08:45-08:50: Chair’s Introduction to Research Challenges in Sensing (Mani Srivastava)

                  08-50-09:05: Research Vision Talks

      • Sensing (Emre Ertin) 
      • Models (Deepak Ganesan)
      • Evaluation - Evidence/Validity Requirements (Wendy Nilsen)

                09:05-09:45: Open discussion (Moderator: Mani Srivastava)


10:00-11:00: mHealth Grand Challenge in Computing II - mHealth Analytics  

     10:00-10:05: Chairs Introduction to Research Challenges in Analytics (Jim Rehg)

               10:05-10:20: Research Vision Talks

      • Theory (Benjamin Marlin)
      • Platform (Tyson Condie)
      • Reliability requirements for health decisions and health research (Bonnie Spring)

                10:20-11:00: Open discussion (Moderator: Jim Rehg)


11:15-12:15: mHealth Grand Challenge in Computing III - mHealth Intervention/treatment

                11:15-11:20: Chair’s Introduction to Research Challenges in Intervention/treatment (Insup Lee)

                11:20-11:35: Research Vision Talks

      • Human-coupled cyber physical systems for health (Rahul Mungharam)
      • Theory (Misha Pavel)
      • Evaluation of Real-time Adaptive Interventions (William Riley)

                11:35-12:15: Open discussion (Moderator: Insup Lee)

12:15-01:30: Attendee teams to prepare for their team’s presentations over Lunch.

01:30-02:30Research agenda presentations from attendee groups (Teams 3-13)


02:45-03:45: Minimizing Barriers to Entry for Computing Researcher (co-chairs: Deborah Estrin & Wendy Nilsen)

     02:45-02:50: Data generation & sharing, model sharing, platform sharing (Deborah Estrin)

                02:50-02:55: Matchmaking of computing and health researchers (Wendy Nilsen)

                02:55-03:00: mHealth Community Infrastructure (Team 15)

                03:05-03:45: Open discussion (Moderators: Deborah Estrin & Wendy Nilsen)


04:00-05:00: Building Enduring Academic Programs in mHealth - What will it take? (co-chairs: Rajesh Gupta & Vivek Shetty)

                04:00-04:05An Enabling Ecosystem for Nurturing Transdisciplinary mHealth Scholars- Vivek Shetty

                04:05-04:10: A Perspective on Challenges of mHealth Academics (Rajesh Gupta)

                04:10-04:30: Discussion

                04:30-04:35Rendering scholarship accessible - The example of UbiComp - Gregory Abowd

                04:35-04:55: Discussion

                04:55-05:00Conclusion & Action Items (Vivek & Rajesh)

05:00-05:30Action Items & Next Steps