Some of the many web sites we are known to visit.

    • A great site to check out if you are going to visit Cannon Beach out on the Oregon coast.  We have use this site to help make hotel reservations, check the local weather and find out about upcoming events (mostly to avoid the crowds) before heading out.


  • McMenamins Theater Pubs
    • We don't really have anything like this in Phoenix.  Harkins Theaters (a local chain that Mark once worked for) has tried to do something similar but it is just not the same as going to a single screen theater and splitting a pizza and pitcher of mirco-brewed beer.  Mark uses this site to torture himself with what he is missing.


  • The Onion
    • "America's Finest News Source" or all the news that's unfit to print.  This is one of the funniest sites out there.  Their stories are always great and there is a new one each week.  The only problem is they are on "vacation" for about 3 weeks every two months or so, but it's still one of the good ones.


  • Moon Valley High School
    • One of our Alma Matters, we guess we should pay some sort of tribute to them. Check out the cheesy graphics and colors, but do pay attention to the numerous awards that the school has received. Clearly Sharon and Mark's contribution to the school has paid off.


  • Arizona State University and The ASU Sun Devil Marching Band
    • We both feel a great amount of pride about the time they spent at ASU.  We both spent four years at the school receiving their Bachelor’s degrees.  We also participated in the ASU Marching Band and attended the 1997 Rose Bowl and the 1997 Wells Fargo (Norwest) Sun Bowl.  We both additionally participated in the Basketball Pep Band and continue to participate in this grand tradition by playing in the ASU Alumni band at the ASU home football games.  In 2002 we traveled to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego to see a well fought game, and have great expectations for 2004 and Mary's first game.


  • Mark's MySpace Account
    • Become his friend and see all about the degenerates he hangs out with.