Welcome to the webpage of Michael Hanson. I am a graduate student at Yale University, as well as a scientific researcher and illustrator currently living in New Haven, CT. I currently investigate the evolutionary history and developmental origins of biomechanical structures associated with feeding in birds. As a former student at Loyola University Chicago I studied Biology and Philosophy and subsequently I worked as a research assistant at the Field Museum of Natural History in the Bird Division of the Zoology Department and the Paleontology Division of the Geology Department. My main interest in scientific research is in evolutionary biology and systematics, particularly pertaining to birds, reptiles, and their relatives. I have research experience in molecular phylogenetics and phylogeography, developmental, morphological, and comparative anatomical studies. I am largely self-taught in visual art. Highly-respected researchers have recognised the quality of my illustration work and commissioned illustrations for a number of projects. My enthusiasm and background in both molecular and morphological evolutionary research, illustration, and philosophy lend a unique perspective to my work. For more information, please see my curriculum vitae or contact me.


For further information about my work you may contact me by e-mail at: michael . hanson (at) yale . edu
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