K-theory, Representation Theory and Hecke Algebras
3-6 July 2018, Sheffield

Marking Roger Plymen's 75th Birthday

Organized by Nigel Higson, Bram Mesland, Haluk Sengun and Hang Wang

This is a synergistic meeting that will focus on new and developing links between operator K-theory and representation theory. More specifically, the meeting will consider several threads including:
  •  recent advances in operator K-theory and representation theory for affine Hecke algebras, with applications to the ABPS conjecture for p-adic groups, the Baum-Connes conjecture and the local Langlands correspondence,
  •  new constructions linking KK-theory, the Hecke algebras associated to arithmetic groups and automorphic forms,
  • new approaches to tempered representation theory for real groups via operator algebras and noncommutative geometry,
  •  progress on the 'Mackey bijection' between the irreducible representations of real groups and the irreducible representations of associated Cartan motion groups.
We plan to push further the synergistic aspects of the meeting by bringing together a balance of experts who work in representation theory and harmonic analysis, with experts in noncommutative geometry and operator K-theory.  Speakers will be encouraged to present open problems accessible across boundaries, and touch on possible new points of contact between the different subjects represented at the meeting. 

Anne-Marie Aubert (Paris)
Alexandre Afgoustidis (Paris)
Paul Baum (State College)
Tobias Berger (Sheffield)
Kuok Fai Chao (Taiwan)
Pierre Clare (Williamsburg)
Gunther Cornelissen (Utrecht) (tbc)
Tyrone Crisp (Nijmegen)
Neil Dummigan (Sheffield)
Heath Emerson (Victoria)
Maria Pula Gomez (Paris)
Nigel Higson (State College
Peter Hochs (Adelaide)
Bram Mesland (Bonn
Paul Mitchener (Sheffield)
David O'Sullivan (Sheffield)
Roger Plymen (Southampton)
Beth Romano (Cambridge)
Henrik Schlichtkrull (Copenhagen)
Haluk Sengun (Sheffield)
Maarten Solleveld (Nijmegen)
Erik van den Ban (Utrecht)
Christian Voigt (Glasgow)
Hang Wang (Adelaide)
Nick Wright (Southampton)

We gratefully acknowledge the support of
MSRC of the University of Sheffield