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03 April 2014

The image below shows a more detailed flight path which includes several twists and turns over land.  These changes in direction may have been carried out by the people in control of the plane in order to minimise radar detection, by flying along the border between India and Myanmar (Burma) rather than entering any particular airspace for long periods of time. 

Importantly, it is assumed that the "handshakes" with Inmarsat have occurred during these invasive manoeuvres. These locations, shown within black ovals, are of course approximate, given that the complete Inmarsat data are unavailable at this stage. However, these locations have been recently reverse-engineered, and the approximations are taken into the account here.  

The depicted flight path follows the border between India and Myanmar (Burma), as described on this site on 2 April 2014.  There may be other changes in the plane heading during the flight, and the shown path is just a variant.