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Evidence of Debris in Southern Indian Ocean
(NB this website was developed Oct 2014 before any debris had been located)

Above Image not from MH370 - used for illustrative purpose only

Many people persist in a false belief that there were no debris from MH370, or they parrot a claim about objects found much further north near Zenith Plateau during April 2014 saying that these objects were merely "trash" but these claims are not factual. This website attempts to preserve the truth about floating debris. (NB this was a website written Oct 2014)


Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
tragically disappeared shortly after take off @ 12:42 midnight Malaysian time 7th March 2014. At first, the search effort centred on waters off the coast of Cambodia near Thao Chu Island.

Original Search for MH370 south of Phu Quoc Island
First MH370 search area (image by Athit Perawongmetha)

The search shifted briefly to waters East of Southern Vietnam then 5 days later Malaysia finally acknowledged evidence promoted by the British AAIB of  INMARSAT satellite communications suggesting MH370 kept flying until 8:19am Malaysian Time (00:19 UTC). At first, it was speculated suggested MH370 flew into the Andaman Sea perhaps towards the Bay of Bengal or even the Maldives, but by 25 March the Burst Offset Frequency chart was published showing the profile for  a flight South deep into the Indian Ocean.

It was clear however that Australia had information as early as 16 March 2014 that MH370 flew to somewhere in a region where satellite images indicated floating debris, because without delay HMAS Success set course directly for this area:

Analysis of satellite images from the Southern Indian Ocean (SIO) quickly discovered a huge debris field and what appeared to be two large wings drifting around 44 South, 90 East.

Rather than debate why MH370 went missing the simplest solution to find MH370 seems just to reverse calculate the drift pattern of these floating debris which were spotted by satellites. That is what some people actually did.

Two huge floating objects the size of Boeing 777 wings (22.5m &  24m) long were seen drifting 63km apart. The 24m long object was joined by  another object about 20 ft (6m) across. These were tracked by satellite until 25 March 2014. Between these, three French satellites counted another 122 large floating objects, some of which had a high refractive index like polished metal.  

124km South of these there was another debris field of 300+ floating objects sighted by a Thai satellite each more than 6 feet across (2m). By 24 March 2014 Chinese investigators used satellite data to reverse calculate their drift to a likely impact site on 8th March. This image below sets out Chinese predictions where MH370 drifted from:


Chinese calculations however alarmed Malaysian authorities because the distance they calculated MH370 must have flown to reach this point disproved their own claims that MH370 detoured through the Straits of Malacca.

Malaysian authorities reacted angrily. On 27 March
the JIT team in Malaysia headed by MAS pilot Lim Jit Koon and senior civil aviation official Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar demanded that the JACC abandon efforts to recover or examine objects from that debris field and shift the search north.

Instead of conspiracy theories speculating about the cause of MH370's loss, the real conspiracy is about Malaysia's cover-up to misdirect search efforts. It is not a story of mere incompetence. There is a deliberate effort to mislead. The press media in Malaysia owned and controlled by the Governing UMNO Party has recklessly disseminated false and misleading conjecture including conspiracy theories as part of a PR spin disinformation operation.

At the time wind conditions were causing a southerly drift pattern therefore these large wing sized objects were not simply the same object.  Both these objects were much larger than any shipping container. Nor could these objects have reached these locations from the 7th Arc seabed search area. Until about the 20th March winds were from the west, not the north.
Digital Globe Satellite image of 24m long floating object sighted 16 March 2014

Aerial searches from Perth WA commenced on 18 March. Only one Chinese IL-76 aircraft reached the southern search area on 24 March after the above image was taken. Other P-3 Orion aircraft had searched locations to the north nearer to the so called Southern Arc from 18-20 March however their searches were often dogged by low sea fog.

The IL-76 aircraft photographed one small floating object which appears to be some kind of thin panel, well to the east of previous objects which appears was unrelated to MH370. By the time the Chinese search aircraft reached the search areas new satellite imagery indicated the debris field had moved SSW out of the aircraft's search box.

The floating objects however were not limited just to these two large objects. Seven Satellites from five countries scanned the seas east of the Kerguelen islands and on 20 March, French Pleiades A and Pleiades B Satellites plus the Terra SAR-X radar mapping satellite spotted 122 floating objects through gaps in very heavy cloud between of these two "wing size" objects.

The largest shipping containers in use are 12m Long, therefore when two objects the size of wings from a Boeing 777 turn up not far from a debris field of up to 300 large floating objects where a Boeing 777 is believed to have impacted the sea, then it is a reasonable assumption that searchers should have treated them as evidence of a plane crash, but that is not what happened. On 27 March the aerial search was grounded and by 28 March a new search area further North was designated.

None of these floating objects sighted by satellite were ever located by surface vessels. None of these objects were ever examined. A false myth has been perpetuated that because the search for them was abandoned, ergo there were no debris, but this is pathetic logic. 

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