I would like to welcome you to my virtual office where you will find out more about my profession and the services I offer.

I am a trilingual freelance writer, researcher and translator. Click here for my complete CV.

The bulk of my work consists of medium to long-term projects of varying length (from 5 to 300 pages) in English, French and Bulgarian. I specialise in custom field and electronic research, academic article writing and criticism in the Arts and Humanities domains (e.g. British, American and World literature, linguistics, photography, painting, history). I can help you out with one or more of the following:

  1. Project planning and project writing,
  2. Constitution of research databases,
  3. Constitution of bibliographical databases,
  4. Academic article and thesis writing,
  5. Template design, posters, leaflets and brochures,
  6. Essay and research paper writing,
  7. Conference presentations,
  8. Class presentations,
  9. Constitution of language and literature teaching materials and databases,
  10. Journal conception and editing,
  11. Journalistic writing,
  12. CV, motivation and recommendation letter writing,
  13. Translation from and into English, French, Bulgarian,
  14. Translation from Russian into English and French.
This website contains samples of my work in the section Portfolio. The samples are available in either *.doc, *.pdf, *.jpg or *.ppt formats. There is no download fee.

You can find information about projects I am currently working on in Projects. The section Clients is entirely about those with whom I have collaborated. There, you can find some feedback and clients' opinions about my work.

Check out the Payments section for more information about the prices and payment methods. Please refer to the FAQ section for copyright and diffusion issues.

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