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Wisconsin, New York, and Illinois, NCARB 
Certified for license in any state as needed.

(612) 242-6537

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Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and New York

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Birthplace of the "Not So Big House Movement"

Modern Green Homes in The Hampton's

Simple, Decent, Affordable Homes in Louisiana and California.

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In recent studies architects have learned more about homeowner experience.
Most clients it turns out, are very unfamiliar with what architects do for them.

For example: 
A construction budget is typically included in your contract with your architect.  Did you know that if the bids from builders come back higher than your budget amount, that the architect will re-design your building for free until the design meets your budget?  It is a complete myth, that an architect will make your project more expensive.  An architect will design precisely to your budget.  In fact, designing a low budget building is often more fun, because it is an added challenge to design to a low budget.

Also, did you know that the added resale value of an architect designed home, is typically many times greater than the cost of all the architects fees combined?  The architects pay for themselves by way of good design, and you benefit from it financially.  Not only is it a financial benefit, but you reap the benefits of the well thought out design the entire time you are living in your home.

Many clients are unsure about how to work with their architect.  
In order to help new clients understand how to best work with their architect, the American Institute of Architects has put together the following helpful videos:

1) An Architects Education

2) Who Needs an Architect

3) The Client's Role for a Successful Residential Project

3) How to Choose and Architect for Your Project

4) What should your house look like?

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