Michael Gustavson

Architect, NCARB, NY, WI, IL

With work in:

Hawaii, California, New York, Louisiana, Arkansas, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Previous Employers:

SALA Architects

Birthplace of the "Not So Big House Movement"

Habitat For Humanity

Affordable, Simple, Decent, Homes, in Louisiana and California.

Modern Green Home

Unaffordable, Modern, Homes in The Hampton's

Recent Projects:

Washington Market - Madison Train Depot Adaptive Re-Use

Hazel General Store - Interior Design & Construction



(612) 242-6537

michaeL gustavsoN

architecT, NCARB, NY, WI, IL

:witH worK iN

hawaiI, californiaA, louisianA, minnesotA, illinoisS, wisconsiN, and neW yorK

:previousS employerS

SALA architectS

birthplace of the "noT sO biG housE movemenT"

habitaT foR humanitY

affordablE, simplE, decenT, homeS, in louisianA and californiA

moderN greeN homE

unaffordable modern homes in the hampton'S

:recentT projectS

washingtoN markeT - madisoN traiN depoT adaptivE rE-usE

hazeL generaL storE - interioR desigN & constructioN


(612) 242-6537