Workshop Resources

Looking for a list of workshops I facilitate? You can find that list here.

Below is a list of workshop resources that focus on helping you; it is not an exhaustive list but it represents some of my latest work.

Workshop Wikis
  1. Podcast Pizzazz - Explore the rough-n-tumble world of podcasting. I'll bring the podcast know-how, you bring the about it?
  2. Embrace Technology for Positive Change - This wiki was put together to streamline workshops offered during the 2010-2011 school year for various districts.
  3. Move Ysleta - This wiki was put together to facilitate workshop access for Ysleta ISD Summer 2010 Professional Learning for online learning facilitators and district instructional technology facilitators.
  4. Problem-based Learning Academy - This is a 4-5 day academy for approaching the use of ill-structured problems in instructional settings. This is also available as a downloadable Moodle course you can restore and use at no charge! It is shared under Creative Commons Copyright Sharealike-NonCommercial-Attribution.

Online Professional Learning Communities
  1. MoodleMayhem.orgThe Moodle Mayhem Group is a community of Moodle-using educators who have joined together to pool their creative innovations regarding the use of Moodle with K-12, as well as adult learners. I founded this organization to bring people together around Moodle.
  2. - This online community serves as the learning space for Miguel's clients, providing them with a space to interact with during the workshop.
  3. Texas Virtual Learning Coordinators via Project SHARE - A support group for Texas educators involved in online education.
Slideshow Presentations