Feedback About Miguel Guhlin's Coordination of the $2.7 Million Grant for the Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE):

Mr. Guhlin manages and deploys the Northside ISD's $3M Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) grant program, awarded by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), under the Technology Integration in Education (TIE) Initiative. The PAVE Program provides 235 teachers the opportunity to earn a Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with Instructional Technology Specialization. Teachers come from four collaborating districts (Northside, Edgewood, Medina Valley, and Southwest ISDs), and seven private schools within the Northside ISD's boundaries.

    The PAVE Program is well known across the state for advancing educator proficiency in technology while aligning with the TEKS, SBEC's Standards for Technology, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) - Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA), Texas Education Agency's Texas School and Technology Readiness [StaR] Chart, and the TEA's LRPT). PAVE facilitates technology integration into the curriculum and administrative practices and has made the collaborating partners more marketable as teachers and administrators seek employment that offers quality incentives.

    Mr. Guhlin oversees PAVE's multi-million dollar budget, which requires periodic amendments and quarterly reports to the funding agency. He facilitates the evaluation process by coordinating services with an external evaluation team. Significant amounts of program data are gathered through the PAVE web site's 10 databases, all of which were developed by Mr. Guhlin. Program information is incorporated into written reports, web pages, multimedia presentations, published journal articles, and conference presentations across the state for replication purposes. (Letter of Recommendation, Carol Smith, Director of Grants and Recognition, Northside ISD)

I want you to know from both a teacher (MOL) and administrator (ATLI) perspective the PAVE grant has been a huge success. This is just one example. Miguel needs to be credited for putting together and keeping together this monumental effort that incorporates several districts and multiple types of personalities.

And, just recently, Mark Gabehart, my supervisor in Northside ISD, again wrote to his superiors via email:

    During the past 13 months Miguel has done an outstanding job in getting the massive PAVE grant off the ground and flying. He has managed a $2.7 million project with over 400 staff members and four school districts involved with very little problems. This is a remarkable feat when you consider he had to develop from scratch the recruitment tool and tracking mechanism of all data needed to be in alignment with TEA via the creation ofweb based databases, distribute and support the deployment of over 400 laptops, purchase the textbooks for MOL, coordinate the 11 MOL cohorts, manage the 160 ATLI participants, oversee the Technology Proficiency Institute, and deal with ALL the DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES. 

His knowledge and skill sets are phenomenal...He has demonstrated outstanding organizational and planning skills. His technology skills involving web based applications and databases are exemplary. His knowledge of curriculum, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, and the integration of technology to support our instructional mission are superior. Finally, he has a passion to implement and share with others sound research based practices utilizing technology and is constantly in contact with staff from all over the state and country via web sites and chat rooms learning about cutting edge best practices.
(Mark Gabehart, Chief Technology Officer, Northside ISD)


Students in his [Miguel's] training sessions invariably left with a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. Not only did his preparation contribute to this circumstance, but his deep knowledge of adult learners and the learning process.

Because instructional technology is less about technology than instruction, Miguel provides a strong basis for bring technology to the service of teaching and learning.(Letter of Recommendation, James E. McNamara, Director of Instructional Technology, Southwest ISD)


Miguel had a clear understanding of what were his areas of expertise and what were the areas to which he would defer to a ‘more appropriate’ respondent. I was consistently kept in the loop as issues that involved me unfolded. As problematic issues arose, he dealt with them. Communications were clear and timely. Options were sought.

However, when it was time for a decision, and it was his to make, the decision and its rationale were announced. He was adept as the advocate/sounding board for the students in the program who needed a place and person to whom they could vent. He was equally adept in his role as a manger by confronting and challenging his charges, including me, to do the right thing.
(Letter of Recommendation, Dr. Philip Linerode, Program Evaluator for Testing and Evaluation, Northside ISD)


Miguel Guhlin designs and maintains contracts with the Masters Online and Houston Baptist University. His strong management skills allow him to successfully manage a large program staff, including Instructional Support Technologist, On-Site Coordinator (OSC) Supervisor, 20 OSCs, TPI Supervisor, and 20 Technology Proficiency Institute (TPI) Trainers.

His timely feedback and resource sharing enables the staff to achieve peak performance. (Letter of Recommendation, Carol Smith, Director of Grants and Recognition, Northside ISD)

Miguel has been instrumental for sharing the PAVE vision—to develop educator proficiency in technology and its integration into curriculum and administration practices in an effort to ensure that all students achieve academic success and become productive members of the 21st Century

Mr. Guhlin initiated the PAVE program and has coordinated the successful participation of over 200 teachers as they strive to obtain their Masters Degree in
Curriculum and Instruction with an Instructional Technology specialization from Houston Baptist University.

Concurrently, he has coordinated an Administrator’s Technology Leadership Institute that has provided more than 100 administrators with the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate technology into school improvement plans and core and enrichment areas. He has been responsible for administrating a $2.7 million Technology
Integration in Education grant from the Texas Education Agency. 

Mr. Guhlin has also overseen the installation and maintenance of several servers used by the PAVE program. One server is used for participants to post their work and develop an electronic portfolio. For most participants this is their first experience with developing and maintaining their own personal Internet site. Mr. Guhlin is responsible for recruiting and training On-site coordinators for the Masters Online program. He must coordinate with people from Masters Online in Arizona, people involved with the PAVE program in Northside ISD, and the Masters Online coordinator at Houston Baptist University. Such coordination requires excellent people and communication skills. 
(Letter of Recommendation from John Hayes, Northside ISD).


I can freely say that Miguel is incredibly well-prepared, from an educational and practical standpoint, to discharge the duties of the position and take instructional technology in SAISD to the “next level.” He is equally expert in the design of instructional technology systems, in the administration of such systems, and in administering and delivering the professional development necessary for teachers and administrators to effectively use such systems. (Letter of Recommendation from Dr. David Thompson, Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, University of Texas at San Antonio)