CoSN TxCTO Summer 2015

Thank you for visiting! Below, please find relevant material to a presentation--facilitated by Virgil Kirk, Traci Clarke, Gary Clarke, and Miguel Guhlin--at the CoSN Texas Chief Technology Officers' (CTO) presentation facilitated in Summer, 2015.

Empowering Dynamic Data Strategies
In this session, participants will explore a problem common to many public school districts—setting up a data repository and how to best analyze data. K12 Dynamics--a vendor partner--will also be present to share their web-based, mobile-friendly solution.

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As this ASCD Educational Leadership article by Doug Johnson points out:
One fact is incontrovertible: School districts need access to a bewildering array of just-in-time data collection, analysis, and aggregation and disaggregation tools that intersect along a multitude of points (such as student demographics, teacher quality, end-of-course [data]). 
Source: Miguel Guhlin as cited in Navigating the Seas of Change

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Miguel Guhlin,
Jun 12, 2015, 4:21 PM