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Letters of Recommendation
  1. View Recommendation from Cynthia Rodriguez, Teacher, East Central ISD
  2. View Recommendation from Dr. John May, Executive Director, Fine Arts, San Antonio ISD
  3. View Recommendation from Donna Finch, Principal, Kate Schenck ES, San Antonio ISD
  4. View Recommendation from Deborah Guardia, Principal, Kelly Campus, San Antonio ISD
  5. View Recommendation from Joyce Stevens, Director of Academic Technology Services, Northside ISD
  6. View Recommendation from Tim Holt, Director of Instructional Technology for El Paso ISD
  7. View Recommendation from Carol Frausto, Senior Coordinator for Advanced Academic Services, San Antonio ISD
  8. View Recommendation from Michael Gras Chief Technology Officer, White Oak ISD

Job Appraisal Excerpts from Supervisors

From San Antonio ISD
"Mr. Guhlin is a champion for change. He consistently brings forward new ideas and initiatives to meet the everchanging needs of our students."

"I depend heavily on Mr. Guhlin as a critical part of our leadership team. . .His influence on our planning and decision-making is critical to the success of implementing technology in the classroom."

"Mr. Guhlin is. . .very passionate about his role and takes his responsibilities very seriously."

"Customer service is a high priority...Mr. Guhlin responds to customers quickly and strives to find solutions to issues in a timely manner."

"I can count on Mr. Guhlin to pull the staff together from across departments when necessary to solve problems and address needs.

"Mr. Guhlin supports the mission of the District and. . .works very closely with all departments, especially Curriculum and Instruction, to serve the needs of the District."

"Mr. Guhlin is well known in the K-12 educational technology community. He participates in multiple organizations...his expertise and passion are an asset."

From Northside ISD during $2.7 million grant implementation
Miguel has become adept at developing and implementing a $2.7 million grant in a 15 month time period. He has also developed bids for textbooks, specifications for the laptops, coordinated the use of training labs at multiple locations, negotiated contracts with nationally known consultants, and has worked closely with all districts to understand what they can and cannot to with their grant funds.

The PAVE grant has required constant monitoring of school/organizational culture. Miguel, through effective communication channels ( Web FAQs, emails, Web Board), has been able to address most stakeholders issues before they become a major
problem. While many staff are appreciative of the free tuition, textbooks, laptop and stipends, they have been even more pleased with the way Miguel has handled all issues, both big and small.

Miguel has been very effective in getting multiple school districts and private schools to work together. He has also been an advocate for our district technology conference through his TCEA Area 20 Director position.

Miguel has the unique ability to constantly learn from multiple sources, whether it is in his doctoral program or searching the web for information. Miguel is very current in the latest technology initiatives. He is an ardent supporter of TCEA and contributes an article to their publication, TECH Edge. Miguel has also attended and presented at a half dozen conferences this past year.

Very few people will understand nor appreciate the gigantic tasks Miguel has successfully implemented over the past 15 months. He is truly one of the most gifted, talented, and passionate advocates for technology I have ever met.

Miguel Guhlin has served with distinction in implementing the massive Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) grant. During the past 15 months Miguel has implemented from scratch a $2.7 million instructional initiative that impacts four school
districts and a number of private schools. Some instructional management highlights include:
  • Developing and implementing a series of databases that involve recruiting and record keeping of PAVE teachers and administrators.
  • Facilitating dialogue between multiple stakeholders (Houston Baptist University, Masters Online, LoTi, school districts, individual teachers, and technology vendors).
  • Supporting curriculum revisions to Masters Online courses, encouraging development of administration leadership training classes, and providing access to online software training manuals.

Comments from Colleagues

Mr. Guhlin has spent countless hours training and providing his expertise to ensure students,
faculty and staff become 21 st century learners. His attention to detail, patience and thorough
delivery make him an outstanding presenter and role model. He is the epitome of
professionalism and collegiality. He is encouraging and can tap into hidden potential. Miguel
has helped many think “out of the box” and knows exactly how to “push” people passed their
comfort zone because he knows that is where growth and learning take place. I am eternally
thankful for having had the opportunity to work with Mr. Guhlin.
Cynthia Rodriguez, Master Teacher, East Central ISD, San Antonio, Tx

Through his servant leadership we are moving on the fast track to becoming a campus where students and staff use technology throughout Ihe day 10 provide quality instruction . Our students are becoming self·driven and are using the technology that we have to facilitate their own learning.

Without Miguel Guhlin's guidance we would not have seen such quick success. I am indebted to him for his efforts to work with me as part of the leadership team, for his assistance, his support, and his passion for integrating technology throughout daily instruction. He is a joy to work with and a well-respected colleague . 

I whole-heartedly recommend him in any leadership role.
Donna Finch, Principal, Kate Schenck ES, San Antonio ISD


"Miguel Guhlin would make an excellent Technology Director. He has vast experience in educational technology. He is an excellent communicator and a go-to person for idea sharing or advice. Miguel stays current in his field through research and a vast personal learning network. He would be an asset to the students and staff of any school district." David Jacobson, Executive Director, Friendswood ISD


"I am pleased to write Miguel Guhlin a recommendation. I've known Miguel for about 6 years through various educational organizations throughout the state of Texas. I consider Miguel as one of the few who are leading the state through issues relating to educational technology. Miguel is a prolific writer. I follow him through Twitter and his blog. Most educational technology leaders in the state follow him too. He always is ahead of the game as to identifying good teaching practices and cutting edge technology. Over the last year I've gained lots of knowledge as he writes about the benefits of open source and specifically Moodle. 

Any large organization would benefit from Miguel's ability, professionalism, and leadership." Rob Miller, Executive Director of Technology, Magnolia ISD


"I worked / interacted with Miguel for past 15 years. Miguel is one of the most creative people in the field of Instructional Technology. Miguel always ahead of the pack and always has a wealth of knowledge. He truely understands the role of technology in the classroom, the campus and in K-12 public education in general. Miguel knows how to exploit each technology tool (specially open source tools) to build systems that benefit staff development and students performance improvement. I highly recommend Miguel and feel that he would be a game changer for any K-12 educational organization." Ahmed Halim, Alamo Heights ISD


"Miguel leads the state in knowledge, leadership skills, and innovation in the educational technology field. We have worked together in leadership positions within the Texas Computer Education Association, consulting together with the Texas Association for School Administrators, and collaborating online on leadership issues related to our schools and districts. Personally and professionally, I recommend Miguel as Chief Technology Officer." 

“Miguel is one of my most important "go-to" persons in our global society. He is tops in writing, exploring, learning, and sharing with colleagues. His organizational and knowledge work at San Antonio ISD should be replicated across the world. We have worked together in many arenas: Texas Education Network (TENET), Texas Computer Education Association, TECSIG, Newton ISD, TASA Gates Administrative Training, and many conferences.” Dr. Kay Abernathy, Lamar University Online Program


"Miguel has been a long time friend and colleague. We have developed workshops and presented together at TCEA. I admire Miguel's writing ability and his willingness to share knowledge with others. He always does his research and stays on top of what is new with technology. He has a passion for technology and for making sure students are prepared for the 21st century!" Dr. Alice Owen, Irving ISD


“Miguel provides innovative ideas and direction within the field of K-12 Information and Communication Technology for school districts.” Quentin D'Souuza


“Miguel possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience with a wide variety of technology for classroom and administrative uses, which makes him a well respected member of a global community of learning professionals. It is apparent that he has hands-on practical experience with infusing technology throughout the education system, and his recommendations for specific tools or uses of tools and his advice on various topics is highly valued and appreciated.” Stephanie Sandifer


“Miguel's extensive online production offers valuable advice and clear assessment of the tools and practices available for educators today. He embraces the values of transparency and cooperation that every 21st century educator should have. I have found Miguel to be committed to his task and people in his network.” Claudia Ceraso


Miguel has been instrumental for sharing the PAVE vision—to develop educator proficiency in technology and its integration into curriculum and administration practices in an effort to ensure that all students achieve academic success and become productive members of the 21st Century (Letter of Recommendation, John Hayes, Northside ISD).

Mr. Guhlin manages and deploys the Northside ISD's $3M Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) grant program, awarded by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), under the Technology Integration in Education (TIE) Initiative. The PAVE Program provides 235 teachers the opportunity to earn a Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with Instructional Technology Specialization. Teachers come from four collaborating districts (Northside, Edgewood, Medina Valley, and Southwest ISDs), and seven private schools within the Northside ISD's boundaries.

The PAVE Program is well known across the state for advancing educator proficiency in technology while aligning with the TEKS, SBEC's Standards for Technology, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) - Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA), Texas Education Agency's Texas School and Technology Readiness [StaR] Chart, and the TEA's LRPT). PAVE facilitates technology integration into the curriculum and administrative practices and has made the collaborating partners more marketable as teachers and administrators seek employment that offers quality incentives.

Mr. Guhlin oversees PAVE's multi-million dollar budget, which requires periodic amendments and quarterly reports to the funding agency. He facilitates the evaluation process by coordinating services with an external evaluation team. Significant amounts of program data are gathered through the PAVE web site's 10 databases, all of which were developed by Mr. Guhlin. Program information is incorporated into written reports, web pages, multimedia presentations, published journal articles, and conference presentations across the state for replication purposes.
(Letter of Recommendation, Carol Smith, Director of Grants and Recognition, Northside ISD, 2002)


Students in his [Miguel's] training sessions invariably left with a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. Not only did his preparation contribute to this circumstance, but his deep knowledge of adult learners and the learning process.

Because instructional technology is less about technology than instruction, Miguel provides a strong basis for bring technology to the service of teaching and learning.
(Letter of Recommendation, James E. McNamara, Director of Instructional Technology, Southwest ISD, 2002)


Miguel presented the information in a way that I would use in my own classroom. He let us make mistakes and ask questions as we went along. Made us be kids and think like the kids would. That brought more realism for me.

The small group setting was beneficial and Miguel made me feel at ease with what we were talking about. Miguel was great.

I enjoyed today's presentation and learning experiences. The facilitator [Miguel] was excellent. He was cordial and took a personal interest in dilemmas mentioned during breaks. He made concrete suggestions to individual teachers which was very much appreciated. I feel challenged by CUT and look forward to the upcoming classes.
(Workshop Evaluation Feedback)


...he has provided our Testing and Evaluation department with technical support, information and recommendations as we have investigated data collection and analysis tools.

Miguel had a clear understanding of what were his

areas of expertise and what were the areas to which he would defer to a ‘more appropriate’ respondent. I was consistently kept in the loop as issues that involved me unfolded. As problematic issues arose, he dealt with them. Communications were clear and timely. Options were sought.

However, when it was time for a decision, and it was his to make, the decision and its rationale were announced. He was adept as the advocate/sounding board for the students in the program who needed a place and person to whom they could vent. He was equally adept in his role as a manger by confronting and challenging his charges, including me, to do the right thing.

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I have known and worked with Mr. Guhlin over the past year. My initial contacts with him were based on the physical proximity of our respective offices. At first, I only knew him as the guy who was responsible for running the PAVE/MOL program. Over the last eighth months, I have come to know and appreciate him in new and profound ways. For several months, I was in contact with Miguel in my supplemental role as an On-Site Coordinator (OSC) for the program’s Curriculum and Instruction class. As such, he provided training and support on Instructional Technology applications, such as Dreamweaver, and other tools to enhance a teacher’s skills. However, over the last four months, I have had the need and opportunity to be in contact with Miguel on an almost daily basis. During that time frame, I assumed the primary responsibility as local Professor of Record (POR) for the Research Techniques and Procedures class. Additionally he has provided our Testing and Evaluation department with technical support, information and recommendations as we have investigated data collection and analysis tools. As such, Miguel has been my peer, my confidant, my supervisor, and most meaningfully, my friend.

It has been the collective weight of those experiences that allow me to enthusiastically encourage you to afford Miguel Guhlin every consideration. I observed as he accepted the responsibility to coordinate the PAVE/MOL program. In that role, he was able to provide and expand services (improved access to data sources, web site to Instructional Technology tools) to the students, the OSCs, and the POR. During the course questions of clarity of policy and equity of practice/implementation had to be dealt with. Miguel had a clear understanding of what were his areas of expertise and what were the areas to which he would defer to a ‘more appropriate’ respondent. I was consistently kept in the loop as issues that involved me unfolded. As problematic issues arose, he dealt with them. Communications were clear and timely. Options were sought. However, when it was time for a decision, and it was his to make, the decision and its rationale were announced. He was adept as the advocate/sounding board for the students in the program who needed a place and person to whom they could vent. He was equally adept in his role as a manger by confronting and challenging his charges, including me, to do the right thing.

In all my dealings with Miguel, I experienced a sense of professionalism and propriety. He takes his job seriously but he takes himself much less seriously. He knows his field of expertise – Instructional Technology. He knows it as a practitioner, as a trainer, and as a manager. In his interactions with fellow professionals he knows how to listen and discern. He has a delightful sense of humor. He cares about his program and the people it serves.

I have a plaque that says ‘In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength’. Miguel Guhlin possesses and exhibits both of those traits in a masterfully dynamic way. As I understand the requirements of the position of Director, it is without reservation that I recommend Miguel to you.

(Letter of Recommendation, Dr. Philip Linerode, Program Evaluator for Testing and Evaluation, Northside ISD)


Miguel Guhlin designs and maintains contracts with the Masters Online and Houston Baptist University. His strong management skills allow him to successfully manage a large program staff, including Instructional Support Technologist, On-Site Coordinator (OSC) Supervisor, 20 OSCs, TPI Supervisor, and 20 Technology Proficiency Institute (TPI) Trainers.

His timely feedback and resource sharing enables the staff to achieve peak performance. (Letter of Recommendation, Carol Smith, Director of Grants and Recognition, Northside ISD)


Mr. Guhlin has also overseen the installation and maintenance of several servers used by the PAVE program. One server is used for participants to post their work and develop an electronic portfolio. For most participants this is their first experience with developing and maintaining their own personal Internet site. Mr. Guhlin is responsible for recruiting and training On-site coordinators for the Masters Online program. He must coordinate with people from Masters Online in Arizona, people involved with the PAVE program in Northside ISD, and the Masters Online coordinator at Houston Baptist University. Such coordination requires excellent people and communication skills.
(Letter of Recommendation from John Hayes, Northside ISD).

Digital Copies of Job Appraisals

  • April, 2012 - 2015: East Central ISD
  • June, 2002 - April, 2012: San Antonio ISD
  • December, 2000 - May, 2002: Northside ISD
  • December 1996 - December, 2000: Education Service Center, Region 20
Awards & Recognition
    • Kathy Schrock School - Received 4/7/2000
    • Study Wiz Academic Excellence - Received 12/2000
    • Silver Creative Resource - Received 9/9/1999
    • The Snorkel Award - Received 7/9/1999
    • Classroom Connect - Received 10/1998
Certificates of Achievement
Certificates of Attendance
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteering to Support NECC 2008 Conference
  • Bilingual/ESL Cooperative Appreciation Certificate (2000)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Electronic Assessment Tools. Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas (March, 1999).
  • Certificate of Appreciation for WebQuest Design. Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas (March, 1999).
  • Approaches to Staff Development. Classroom Connect Recognition (October, 1998)
  • Professional Development Materials. Classroom Connect Recognition (October, 1997)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Enhancement of Mt. Pleasant ISD Technology Program. Awarded by Mt. Pleasant ISD Principals (12/1995).
  • Certificate of Achievement for Parents’ Computer Training. Awarded by Parent Involvement Coordinator for Mt. Pleasant ISD (11/1995).
  • Superintendent Letter of Appreciation, Technology Symposium (02/08/1995).
  • Campus Accreditation Report for Perales Elementary School. Texas Education Agency Peer Review Team. (1994).
  • Texas Education Certificate from SBEC

Magazine Interviews

Appreciation or Quoted in Publications (Newspapers, Newsletters, on the Web)

  • Safe and Sound by EDTECH Magazine (Fall, 2010)
  • How To Get Started with Open Source by THE Journal (July, 2010)
  • Making IT Happen Award Winner by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in collaboration with the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Technology Education Coordinators’ Group (TEC-SIG), February, 2009.
  • Top 10 Engaging Edublogs by James Falls, Social Media Explorer, January, 2008.
  • Top 10 Edublogs We Love by James Daly, Editor-in-Chief, EduTopia magazine in the September, 2007 issue.
  • TUANZ 2007 Interviewed and Featured in the TUANZ 2007 publication in March, 2007 issue.
  • Creating a Community of Learners Visual Thesaurus Feature Article.
  • TCEA Technology Administrator of the Year 2005 Nominee. Support documents (including recommendations).
  • A Guide to Handheld Computing in K-12 Schools. Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Report. (June 21, 2004).
  • Texas Schools Stay on Cutting Edge of Technology With Thousands of palmOne Handheld Computers for Administration, Assessment and Curriculum. PalmOne Press Release.(May 24, 2004).
  • San Antonio ISD Librarians’ Association (SALA) Publication, The Overdue (December, 2002).
  • The Bilingual Technologist. RMC Research Corporation’s Promising Practices web page (December, 1998).
  • Getting the Word Out By Computer. Mt. Pleasant Texas Daily Tribune Newspaper (November, 1995).

More Recommendations from Colleagues

"I have known and worked with Miguel Guhlin for at least twelve years. The last time I had the pleasure of working with him was during my tenure at San Antonio Independent School District. 

Miguel has always approached his work with a high level of professionalism. Whether interacting with colleagues or those under his direct supervision, no matter the circumstances, he maintains a calm approach. He listens with patience to better understand a situation or problem before reacting or providing input. In every situation, he works with his colleagues and staff to meet the needs of the district 
Miguel is a leader, not a manager. He builds on his staff’s strengthens, utilizing those talents to provide the best technological service for San Antonio ISD. Miguel sets high standards and expectations for both his department and his employees’ work and professional conduct. He then works hard to ensure that those standards and expectations are met and maintained.

Miguel’s technological knowledge is outstanding. That knowledge is dynamic, ever-evolving. As a life-long learner, he strives to stay current with the most up-to-date innovations in technology, both inside and outside the field of education. He also works hard to understand the educational goals of San Antonio ISD, in order to maintain the integrity of the district’s goals. Above all else, Miguel never loses sight of his role in the education and development of the students of SAISD. 

I highly recommend Miguel Guhlin for the position for which his is applying. He will be a tremendous asset for your organization." Janet Reichel