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Network Change

Today's class is on analyzing network change. In particular, we focus on measuring and accounting for change, both at the dyadic level and the level of aggregate statistics. We do not cover the Siena-type statistical models, except to point out contrasts with the kind of work we are presenting.



  • Analyzing networks changing over time


  • Analyzing network change [pdf]
 Key Readings
  • Snijders, T.A.B., G.G. van de Bunt, and Ch. Steglich (2009). On actor-based models for network evolution: Introduction to stochastic actor-based models for network dynamics. Social Networks. [pdf]
  • Moody, James, Daniel A. McFarland and Skye Bender-DeMoll. 2005. "Dynamic Network Visualization: Methods for Meaning with Longitudinal Network MoviesAmerican Journal of Sociology 110:1206-1241 (associated movies are here).
  • Sasovova, Z., Mehra, A., Borgatti, S.P., Schippers, 2010. M. Network Churn: The Effects of Self-Monitoring Personality on Brokerage Dynamics. Administrative Science Quarterly 55(4): 639-670 [pdf]

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