Click on the class title to see the assignments due for that class. Please note that this schedule is subject to change during the semester. You must check it weekly. See the syllabus for information on where the class meets.

Date Title Description
15-Jan Introduction Welcome to the course. Intro to network concepts
22-Jan Math Foundations Brief exposure to graph theory and matrix algebra
29-Jan Visualizing Networks Introduction to visualizing networks
05-Feb QAP Regression I Testing dyadic hypotheses via QAP regression
12-Feb QAP Regression II Testing dyadic hypotheses via QAP regression
19-Feb Groups Assessing and detecting whole networks or subgroups
26-Feb Clustering Detecting cohesive subgroups
05-Mar Centrality I Data import and intro to centrality concepts
12-Mar < no class > Spring Break
19-Mar Centrality II More centrality concepts
26-Mar Centrality III Even more centrality concepts
02-Apr Local neighborhood egonetwork analysis
09-Apr Egocentric Research Egocentric research design
16-Apr Sociocentric Data Overview of collecting & managing whole network data 
23-Apr Presentations I Presentation schedule
30-AprPresentations IIstudent presentations
Paper due by midnight on Thursday after the last class. Please email as Word doc
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