Please note that this schedule is subject to change during the semester. You must check it weekly. See the syllabus for information on where the class meets.

Date Title Description
17-Jan Introduction Welcome to the course. Introduction to network concepts
24-Jan < class cancelled > 
31-Jan Mathematical Foundations Brief exposure to graph theory and matrix algebra
7-Feb Network Research Design Introduction to design considerations in network research
14-FebEgocentric Research Short introduction to egocentric research designs
21-FebSociocentric DataOverview of collecting, entering and managing whole network data  -- class meets in 223J
28-FebVisualizing Network Data Introduction to visualizing networks
7-MarCharacterizing a node Characterizing a node's environment; intro to centrality
14-Mar < no class > Spring break
21-Mar Local social capital Introduction to social capital
28-Mar QAP Regression Testing dyadic hypotheses via QAP regression
4-Apr ERGM & SAOMs Briefest possible overview of network stochastic methods
11-Apr Characterizing groups Measures describing whole networks or subgroups
18-Apr Subgroups Methods for detecting subgroups
25-Apr CentralityAdvanced centrality concepts
2-MayPresentations! Very informal presentations, about 20 min each

Papers due May 5th (or get an incomplete, and I'll change your grade when you get it in)
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