Since 1973 we've created hundreds of documentaries, corporate image and organizational fundraising videos for international screening. We've been broadcast on television networks throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East. We're based in Tel Aviv but have travelled the world -- from Antarctica to Papua New Guinea, Alaska, Russia, Iraq,
Uzbekistan and even the wilds of New York City -- to capture the images our clients and projects demand.

We're handle every aspect of production -- from concept development through scripting, field and studio production, graphic design and animation as well as sophisticated video and audio post-production -- working with leading professionals from Israel and abroad, assembling the right team for every project.

Our clients range from leading high-tech and bio-medical companies to amibitous start-ups, from major public and charitable institutions to small bodies looking for a bigger

voice (email us to request a client list).
We believe in satisfying all our customers with the most cost-effective productions possible. We welcome the opportunity to take on your project. 


About Michael Greenspan

Familiar to American television audiences as a CNN correspondent during the 1980s and host of the Jerusalem On Line weekly television program throughout the 1990s, Greenspan is an accomplished scriptwriter, director and producer with hundreds of projects to his credit.

Among his most recent works are an hour-long documentary on the Israeli Druze and a 13-part television series on miracles in Israel, both of which are slated for broadcast on PBS.

Born in Philadelphia, Greenspan has lived in Tel Aviv since 1973.

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