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The Long Walk Home 


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For the next three years, Sam disappeared from the face of the BWF.  Shamed and broken she fell into a deep depression and did nothing but knit and listen to emo music until summer of 2005.   What brought her back to the basement settings of the BWF, willing to take on the toughest babies once again, but she appeared in a match against one of the relative newcomers, Four-Hand Frank.

Frank was a tough opponent, largely oblivious to Sam's attacks as he sucked on his bottle.  For a moment it looked like it would have been better if she stuck to knitting, but she's seen the full run of the BWF and experience taught her perseverance.   

Sam shifted her tactics and stole the bottle right out of Frank's iron-footed grip, finishing the milk and smashing the bottle on the cold concrete floor of the arena before turning her iPod on to Queen's "We are the Champions".  Frank bawled incessantly until Sam knocked him out against one of the central poles.

 Where she goes from here none can know, but the Sam we saw in that basement is a different contender from before.  No longer the naive rockstar of the BWF circuit, Sam is set to earn back her championship position the hard way.