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The Day the Music Died


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It was late 2002 and Sam found herself in the enviable position of top dog on the BWF hill.   People bought her free drinks, she made ample money from her numerous unsuccessful challengers and she had been featured on the cover of the BWF quarterly publication, Babies Unleashed, twice.  

But there was a new kid on the block as well, going by the name Illicit Ice.  Rumored to be able to gum a grizzly bear to death in under thirty seconds, he called Sam out, claiming that success had made her soft and challenging her to face him on his home turf in the rugged Alaskan wilderness.  

No stranger to the outdoors, Sam answered the challenge with her usual panache, but the golden girl of the BWF had finally met her match.  Ice had laid a trap for Sam and she quikly fell into an open hole that he had dug and camouflaged before the fight.   The combination of Ice's prodigous saliva and the cold temperature quickly had Sam locked down.   

Hot tears of shame turned into frozen sculptures on Sam's face as the referree declared Illicit Ice the winner.  It would be two years before anyone in the BWF heard from her again.