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Flush from her victory against Johnny Wonderbread, Sam decided that she didn't want to work her way up the ladder slowly and would issue a taunting challenge to the previously undefeated Sinister Six. The move alienated her from her manager and even left some of her most diehard fans shake their heads in wonder. 

On the day of the fight Sam was quiet but confident, while the Sinister Six retained their lofty mien of ennui at the proceedings - one was heard telling her teamates to be quick about it, she wanted a McGriddle while the McDonald's breakfast menu was open.  

What followed is lodged in the minds of every BWF fan.  Sam strode into the horde of babies, who quickly began biting and drooling all over her.  Within moments drool had gotten into her iPod - viewed by many to be the source of her preternatural calm - and shorted it out.  Momentarily disoriented, Rose (the baby craving McGriddles), grabbed two fistfuls of hair and head butted Sam - forcing Sam to her knees.  It looked like Sam would go the way of the Sinister Six's previous challengers.   But with a mighty heave she launched herself to her feet and spun around, flinging the babies off of her as if they were no more than dolls.   Many of them hit the sides of the arena and were stunned into unconsciousness, the few that were still up were quickly dispatched by her signature Elbow Drop.  

 In the smoky light of the dive bar basement cameras flashed and Sam passed into BWF legend.