thunderbird users2tags

Create Thunderbird2 tags from localhost usernames (UNIX) 

thunderbird_users2tags is a utility that creates Thunderbird 2 tags from the the users which belong to the 'users' group of localhost. It requires an existing Thunderbird profile to work (you must have run Thunderbird 2 at least once).


Download v0.1 here.


v0.1, released 2007 November 2 

General features:

  • Operate directly on the prefs.js file of the thunderbird profile, or use the standard output if the profile cannot be determined.
  • Only creates a tag if it doesn't already exist.

thunderbird_users2tags can easily be extended to create tags based on other input data. For example, tag names could be read from a file. 


thunderbird_users2tags is written by Michalis Giannakidis ( mgiannakidis @ gmail com ) in the Python  language.