Display hi resolution regional weather forecast for Greece

grwforecast is an application that meta-processes weather data retrieved from and creates a full-day, hi-resolution forecast image.

grwforecast creates an image strip from six individual images, displaying weather conditions during the day. It meta-processes all phenomena supported by the UOA/School of Physics forecasting group (rain, cloud fraction, temperature in 2m, snow, hail, wind in 10m). Images retrieved are stored in a local cache. By default, the view is adjusted for tomorrows rain forecast.


Temperature, cloud fraction and rain images:








Image containing all phenomenon (v 0.2)





  • Create one image  containing more that one  phenomenon.  User selects which phenomenons will be displayed.


  • Display high resolution forecast for Thessaloniki area (easily extensible to work for other country areas).
  • Displays day or night forecast, for the next two days.
  • Preserves a cache of the images generated.


grwforecast is written by Michalis Giannakidis ( mgiannakidis @ gmail com ) in the Python language.  It uses the Python Imaging Library (PIL) for  the image creation (tested with version 1.1.6)