Send SMS from the command line using as a gategay

climycosmos is an application that allows you to send SMS messages from the command line. A working account to the site of COSMOTE is required.

climycosmos is written in Python and has no other dependencies. It has been tested to work on Linux with Python 2.4.4. It should work on Windows and any other OS with Python version 2.3 or newer available.

Download climycosmos v0.4


Network and remote server errors are reported. Also in verbose mode the message's final resolution is also printed.

Account information is read from a configuration file: ~/.climycosmos.ini. When no login information is given, section 'Default' is used. 

User defined phonebook entries are supported and read in form the .ini file. These entries are stored under the 'Phonebook' section.

The format of the configuration file is like this:

username: 6999999999
password: XXXXXXXX 

username: 6988888888
password: YYYYYYYYY

mam: 6977777777
dad: 6966666666

Downloads and Changelog:

  • / released March 23rd 2008
    • Option to specify configuration file.
    • Restore handling for multiple recipients.
  • / released March 22nd 2008
    • Support of configuration file: ~/.climycosmos.ini
    • Option to store multiple account information (username, password) in the configuration file, and pre-configure one to be used as the default.
    • Option to store user defined phonebook entries.
  • / released February 17th 2008
    • Bug fixes
  • / released January 6th 2008
    • Initial release


Download climycosmos and move it somewhere in your PATH. Eg (UNIX):

mgiann% chmod +x
mgiann% mv ~/bin/


From the command line:

mgiann% -u 6970000000 -p xxxxxx -t 6900000000 -m "Γεια σου..."

with configuration availabe:
mgiann% -t mam -m "Γεια σου..."

mgiann% --help


climycosmos is written by Michalis Giannakidis ( mgiannakidis @ gmail com ) in the Python language. It has no external dependencies. It is the continuation of his previous application mycosmos, which bit rotted and became obsolete.