Create a screenshot from an ABAQUS input file

abq2img is a small application that reads an ABAQUS input file (.inp) and creates an image of the model. The generated image is in the PNG or EPS formats. Many other common image formats can easily be added to abq2img.


Download abq2img v0.1 here.


An image of the Neon car, produced by abq2img v0.1:


v0.1, released 2007 June 17

ABAQUS entities supported (abq2img v0.1):

  • Shells: S4, S4R, S4RS, S3, S3R, S3RS, S8R, S8R5, M3D4, M3D4R, M3D3, M3D8, M3D8R, M3D6, SFM3D4, SFM3D4R, SFM3D3
  • Bars: B31, CONN3D2
  • Solids: to be added

Images are created in the PNG and EPS format.

Image resolution is configurable through the command line.


abq2img is written by Michalis Giannakidis ( mgiannakidis @ gmail com ) in the Python language. It uses the Python Imaging Library (PIL) for the image creation (tested with version 1.1.6)