Michalis Giannakidis

Public projects and stuff 

mini Projects

These are some of the applications that I have written and released to the public:

  • abq2img - Create a screenshot from an ABAQUS input file.
  • cvsxxdiff - A package containing utilities wrapped around cvs and xxdiff. The user can graphically review differences and changes between a local and a remote cvs repository. Also, reports of any not up-to-date files and changelogs of changes that need to be merged can be generated. The utilities are powerful and feature complete, while being very easy to use.
  • grwforecast - Display hi resolution regional weather forecast for Greece, as it is retrieved from http://forecast.uoa.gr/
  • thunderbird_users2tags  - Create Thunderbird tags from the usernames on localhost.
  • climycosmos  - Send SMS from the command line, using mail.mycosmos.gr as a gateway. Requires a COSMOTE phone number and a mycosmos account.
  • mycosmos - Send SMS through mail.mycosmos.gr. Obsolete, unmaintained. This was written back in the year 2002. It does not work any more. Still, somebody may find useful ideas in it.
  • LaTeX Makefile  - A simple GNU Makefile for UNIX systems, to track dependencies and compile a LaTeX document. 
  • skg-to-beta - A very simple Google Maps application showing directions from Thessaloniki Airport to BETA CAE Systems S.A.

Feedback on any of these applications is always welcome and appreciated. Requests are also accepted. You will find my contact information in the source code, or in the Personal Information Section of the page.

Personal Information

Full name: Michalis Giannakidis (Greek: Μιχάλης Γιαννακίδης)