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Explore the menu of available 15 minute sessions for the EC Technology Operations' Family Involvement Sessions. These sessions range from geek to technical to social, all educational for parents. Survey your parents and find out what sessions would be of most interest, make arrangements for child care, and then schedule EC Technology Operations staff to come out and facilitate the sessions for parents, teachers and staff.  The sessions can be delivered in any order, no pre-requisites. Mix-n-match as you like! Click the session titles for more information.

Survey Request: Are you a parent or guardian? Please share what you think we should doing to help you!

This series explores the 9 elements of Digital citizenship and what you need to support at home with your children. Want advice on what to do? This series of classes offers it.

Session 2: Protect Your Privacy with Encryption
Session 3: Cyber-Family Strengthening Strategies
Session 4: The Virtual Classroom - Edmodo
Session 5: Monitoring Your Privacy on Social Media
Enhancing Your Technology Skills
This series focuses on helping you take advantage of your existing technology, answering questions about how to stop viruses, malware, offering advice on free operating systems like GNU/Linux, learning to use GoogleTools, etc.

Technology Tips
Session 1: Tips for Stopping Viruses/Malware on Your Computer
Session 2: Tips for Using Your iPad/iPhone
Session 3: Tips on Buying a Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet Computer
Session 4: Make Your Photos Sparkle with Pixlr.com

Google Series
Session 1: Organize Your Email More Effectively
Session 2: Collaborate with Others Online with GoogleDocs
Session 3: Create a Digital Portfolio using GoogleSites
Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)
This series helps you decide what technology you might best equip your child with at ECISD's Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative at high and middle schools.

Session 1: Selecting the Right BYOT Device(s)
Session 2: Tracking Your Mobile Devices
Session 3: Cloud Storage for Your Work
Session 4: GoogleDocs/Mail Basics
Session 5: Using ECISD District Systems (TxGradebook, 
                 Discovery Videos, etc.)