Main Panel (cartoon)

An original Line Drawing by Matthew Grayson of
 14th Century Wells Cathedral, England (2002)
Medium : Graphite on board

Original Painting Size : width 640 mm x height 520 mm
(A Signed Artist's Proof is permanently displayed at Wells Cathedral Library Link)

25 Signed, Artist's Proofs All Sold
Signed, Limited Edition Prints All Sold
Unsigned Prints Available
Commercial User Images Available

The basis of the Wells Cathedral upper Magnum Opus panel.

The working drawing or “Cartoon” of the West Prospect of Wells Cathedral, took approximately 12 months to complete.

The very fine and detailed linework shows how the West Front may have appeared in the first quarter of the fifteenth century.

The figures have been drawn with robes on, to make them more acceptable to a wider audience.

The colour representation shows a more accurate record of the allegorical figures by removing the drawn garments to show unclothed figures.

The stonework is very accurately drawn as per the existing layout on the Cathedral proper.

Due to the amount of highly fine detailed linework, the cartoon required no shading or cross-hatching to emphasise the form of the architecture.

A print of this remarkable work is currently hung in the Wells Cathedral Library
, which was built under Bishop Bubwith’s auspices in the first quarter of the fifteenth century.

The library is normally open all year round during weekdays.
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