Physiotherapy of MGDM Hospital aims to restore normal or near normal activities of daily living of the patients suffering from diseases on injuries.

Physiotherapy department of MGDM Hospital has been rendering service to the patients for 30 years, it is headed by senior physiotherapist, trained by Christian Medical College Vellore and assisted by experience and dedicated physiotherapists qualified in different fields of physiotherapy. Department treats indoor and outdoor patients. Some of the fields in which department plays an effective role are fractures, nerve injuries, various types of paralysis, amputations, cancer, cardio pulmonary conditions sports medicine, pediatric gerriaric gynaec condition, pre and post operative cases, obesity etc.

Patients with acute and long-term diseases and disabilities are evaluated and treated to reduce their pain, spasm, increase the muscle power, range of joint movement, improve posture neuromuscular coordination and gait throgh this service. Pre and postnatal exercises, manipulation and stabilization of the spine are some of the techniques applied to improve overall health of the patients. By active participation of the patient in the treatment with the help of electrical on mechanical equipment this ahas been a great success. Whenever needed short wave diathermy, microwave, ultrasonic, infra ultraviolet rays, paraffin wax bath, interferential currents, electronically operated cervical and lumbar traction, muscle and nerve stimulators machines etc are used.

Physiotherapy helps to improve cardiopulmonary parameters, besides improving the neuro musculo skeletal systems, which in turn reduce the anxiety and stress of the patients, develop the self-confidence making them once again the useful members of the society.



The Department is well equipped with the electro and thermo therapeutic modalities. We have Inter Ferential Therapy, TENS, Ultrasonic Therapy, Short Wave Diatherrmy, Pulsed Short Wave Diathermy, Lumbar Traction, Cervical Traction, Hydrocollator Packs, Cryotherapy and Paraffin Wax Bath.


The gymnasium of the department is where the patients are given their strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination and functional training or retraining as required to bring them to their optimal performance level. Various exercise equipment like – treadmill, bicycle ergometer, rowing machine, parallel bars, staircase, gym balls, therabands, weight cuffs, suspension apparatus, shoulder wheel and pulley and hand exercises are used to enhance and support the exercise regimes designed specifically for each patient and administered under expert supervision of the physiotherapists. Yoga and relaxation strategies form a part of the care given to ensure physical and mental well being of the patients.


Infra red LASER therapy is used to manage pain of any origin, wound and pressure sore healing and nerve pain and injuries.


Infra red sauna helps patients with disorders involving multiple joints and muscles. It relieves pain and cleanses the body of toxins besides relaxing the muscles and providing a feeling of lightness and well being.


Lower extremity and upper extremity CPM machines are used routinely for patients having stiffness and pain of knee, hip, elbow and shoulder to enhance the effect of exercises and mobilizations. It is used for patients with periarthiritis, elbow trauma and surgeries, shoulder trauma and surgeries, total knee arthroplasty and internal fixations and trauma of knee and hip.


Any patient who requires assistive devices and equipment is provided with it and complete training regarding its usage is given to the patient. There devices include artificial limbs, walking aids, elbow, knee, ankle supports and shoe inserts besides the custom made orthoses.


Speech therapy services are provided by a visiting speech therapist if so required for patients with aphasia or dysarthria due to various causes like stroke, head injuries and other neurological disorders.


  • Ms. Minoo, BPT (Vellore)
  • Mr. Krishnankutty.





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